I am getting really sick of leeches, juvies, and tickers

Ever since any character can buy lockers, playing Horde solo has been a lot more viable…

I am really sick of stupid leeches, and to a lesser extend juvies and tickers…

This constant rain of leeches hitting you, jumping on you, taking your hard earned stim, taking your health, etc, etc…

There is nothing FUN about fighting those… They are a poster child for sentry spam… They are just annoying little shitts , like an army of mosqitoes added to a CoD title, taking your health while you try to move into a sniper position… Fighting those would have nothing to do with the core point/challenge of the game…

It’s not a game i want to play, not a challenge i want to overcome. I just want them to go away… Claw elite drones are bad, but these things, they just piss me off… To the point where i desperately try to focus on things i do like, just to keep trying to want to play Horde…


I hate when leeches will stun you after mantling cover then runaway, that is one of the most annoying parts about them.

But to the main point,

Leeches are not fun just annoying, trackers are not bad, just wish they wouldnt stun you for so long, or at all really, juvies are not terrible, annoying when they mantle stun you but other than that i dont mind them.


This is what barriers are for.

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I don’t mind the leeches as an enemy as they are horribly easy to kill but what I do hate is when I am in cover and a leech knocks me out of cover even though it climbed over the wall 3 feet away from my left or right side but yet I still get knocked out of cover. There seems to be some space problem and some form of commitment to the mantle as in when the leech makes a move for you while in cover and even though you dive out of the way you still feel the effects because the leech initiated the knock. Same thing happens with pouncers … If a pounder lands on the other side of cover, not on top of it, its knocks you out of cover. Maybe its intended or maybe its broken either way it annoying and doesnt suit.


The only time I hate juvies/leeches is when I have a certain weapon vital to my play style that I don’t spawn with. Lately I’ve been using paduk and I NEED a retro to constantly execute things for fear. If I get dropped near a juvie/leech they do not hesitate to finish me. Then I need to spend another 2k to get my retro back.

Yeah,me too.
Those leeches that join your master game to get free exp.
Those juvies with barely any pubes on them and constantly chatting with those annoying high pitch voices.

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Lol :grin:

They added tickers to 5?

Tickers !!! In Gears 5. Huh !!! Oh, you mean “Trackers”

You are obviously not an Engineer. Funny how i say my build style is Barriers first, Forge if there is a Jack in game, then Weapons Lockers. Oh the importance of those barriers. People do forget them sometimes.

Barriers are your first line of Defence, they are there just for those pesky little buggers, Leeches, Juvvies and “Trackers”.

MG Sentries are for protecting your valuables, such as your back, or your Weapons Lockers.

God I wish. Tickers were great. Nothing beats kicking a ticker into a group of locust then blowing them up. Free grenades

Why don’t poppers blow up locust when you shoot them next to one?

They rarely seem to do damage to nearby enemies in Horde. Do not know how or why, it is random.

In Escape? Poppers can take up to 99% health off of enemies if blown up near them(also depends on the number of Poppers). Or cause massive chain reactions when there’s a bunch of them in a room.