I am done with this, wont play again

Until I am done marathoning Yakuza 6 that is.

Here is Kiryu opening a door


The physics of the door hitting that guy is so bad.


Bad gif, its good ingame

I’ve become addicted to Monster Train on game pass. Not my kind of game at all and never played a deck building game but a fellow Gears player suggested I try it. Struggling to make time for Gears, as I keep saying to myself one more run!

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I went to the West for some joy…

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@GhostofDelta2 Pretty sure you’ll appreciate this thread as much as I did :joy:

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Watch him spam it with Yakuza stuff lol

When he wakes from his beauty sleep in about 6 hours.

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Haha I certainly hope so.


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Isn’t he’s just his biggest adooring fan.You can’t alway get your kicks on route 66,sometime those amways salesmen won’t go away,your gonna buy or your gonna die.

Found the guy who’s never kicked open a door with someone on the other side before

That is just what he wants you to think

You be careful around doors this week… and next… :wink:

Not sliding doors though. Those are okay.


I really miss Bob Utsunomiya


What I’ve been playing when taking breaks from gears…OIP (6)


I’m currently enjoying remnant from the Ashes when not on Gears.
Was free on PS Plus, I actually have no clue why I never tried it before, I’m having a blast.

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Darn I thought I hid it quite we…ohhh wait. I’m the door kicker expert.

Seriously though that looks kinda weird…

Got bored of Red Dead Redeption II.
Uninstalled it.

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I would say that that looks like Odyssey but it’s missing the “ghost hat” with eyes and I don’t remember any Mario game where I ran into a Satan Bowser. So which one is that?

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Bowsers Fury

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Bowser’s fury. It’s short but it’s got more gameplay variety in the first 10 minutes than gears 5 has in a several hour play session lol