I AM AD0PTED weapon skins for Gears 5?

Hey guys! I AM AD0PTED here.

It’s been a while but with the release of Gears 5, I figured it would be a good time to ask this again.

Would it be possible to re-release my weapon skin designs for the fans again, based on the contest winning skins I made in Gears 4? I don’t need any rewards for it, I just really would like more people to get to enjoy the skins since they were made for this awesome community!

I spent a lot of time and research before making my designs, and wanted something that the fanbase would seriously enjoy. Just curious if a modern version might be made available for everyone in this current and awesome iteration of Gears!!

What do you guys think? Skin designs are at the top!


Yes please,awesome designs my friend,I certainly would love theses back in Gears 5😎

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Well if there was something like an official weapon skin design competition again, then I guess you could enter. But I would personally prefer different designs, this time. Some skins do get old.

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Oh for sure, I’d definitely love to design some new concepts given the opportunity. Is there anything in particular that would be a pretty interesting design that hasn’t been made some time before?

Yes please!