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I am about done with this game. TC needs to get moving

5 people over 100+ ping in my game. This is just disgraceful for an AAA title. This results in me getting stomped because no shots hit them but they one shot me with 22 ping mind you. The hit detection is awful, the servers have not improved, in fact they have got worse and no word of a balance patch. I try to not rage at dev teams but this is pretty bad atleast say something. It’s not like you guys do not have the team or the monetary resources to fix this sooner than say an indie developer. A game of this genre cant have these type of problems or you will lose the playerbase and since you had to release it day one on gamepass, no one will be around to pay for the insultingly overpriced cosmetics. Please give us something, even if it’s a laid out plan without dates it would just let us know what the plan is.


So I’m not the only one m8 :confused:


Definitely not you. It’s been a problem since launch. Granted hit detection sucks whether its ping or no ping but atleast there would be the one off guy who would be floating around 100 but now there are several people in lobbies with the highest I’ve seen 250 ping and they eat shots and then one shot me. I can see why everyone is in silver because nobody can shoot anyone 9 times out of 10.


From launch? I had good games for first 2 weeks from release


Well they are obviously much worse now but I agree with you, I had some good games and I was atleast having some fun BS moments aside now it’s just a mess.


Yep just like gears 4 , getting kicked for some reason


Yeah I think I’m done for a while, I keep getting shafted in NA servers rather then EU and the maps are so boring and crap honestly never felt like this about a gears so quickly


I literally made this exact post 2 days ago about online having gotten worse over the last few weeks the thread title is ‘online getting worse’. It also seems like if you have a higher ping you hold advantage now so many times when I’m in a match and have a 40-50ping and I just get rolled over by people with +100. Craziest ping I ever saw was when I spiked to just over 2000 like how the **** did I even stay in the match that high? I’ve seen it happen twice to other people to like wtf.

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Same, got 1 match where enemy team was over 180 ping the whole game and we had 50-60 and got pwnd, badly. :frowning:

Its unreal the neglect displayed here. I wish everyone would stop playing at this point so it would force thier hand some fools must be continually buying iron because if they weren’t I feel we would have got a rapid response by now with a plan going forward. The silence is insane. Like I said I dont rage on about devs and I usually go play something else but I am trying to earn the grindy achievements and put in this much time so far but even that is losing my interest because it’s just a mess.


Only two of my friends are still playing. The rest stopped and I’m about to join them. Servers and the same unresolved issues for years.


I agree 100% I have no desire to play the game. This is by far the worst Gears game (excluding Judgment) in the series. I gave TC the benefit of the doubt for 4 but have failed with flying colors. They know they have failed big time because they’ve been avoiding the community like the plague. From the beginning they would not listen to the community and their “egos are writing checks their bodies can’t cash!”


Don’t worry bois a new problem has arisen! after going back to the menu from a quickplay match (for me at least) it shows the typical loading screen and then everything goes black. It’s almost like my monitor loses input but everything is connected just fine. I’ve never had this problem with any other game, I’m not sure what’s causing it, but now my computer doesn’t wanna boot up! Woo! I haven’t changed any of my settings and hadn’t really had any technical problems with the game until this today. Soooo be careful bois, hope it doesn’t happen to y’all.

This so called triple A exclusive microsoft game is a total joke. They spend more time on thinking how they can pull our money out of our pocket instead of fixing things.

I have 95% of the time a ping over 100 for the last few days. Are you kidding me? These overpriced skins in the store. I wonder who the hell actually wants to support a trash game like that? NOT ME. I will not give one penny to this money hungry company. Fix your game before you put such expensive stuff up there.

What are all these new features??? Knifing instead of melee? Wtf. Flashbangs. 3 shots reload for gnasher?

Dont get me wrong I love Gears to death and I also like Gears 5(especially the movememt) but what you are doing to this game is gonna kill the player population in a very short time!! No one wants to play on a +100 ping over and over again! Trust me I have played alot today and I think out of 20 games I only had 1 or 2 games with a low ping.

Instead of thinking what you are putting next in store, you might fix some actual in-game problems first.

I am done.

I will switch over to Apex now. I told a good friend of mine that he shall tell me when the european servers are back.


Dude I am not a player to quit, I can count on one hand how many times I have quit and they have been because I have to leave or something came up that needed my attention. I have finished games 2 v 5 because it is how I am. Today, there was a player in the lobby that their ping was fluctuating between 1500-2200. I didn’t even know it could go that high like WTF? I literally could not get a single elimination cause nothing my shots disappeared in the the great abyss. It was to the point I started crossing with the lancer and watching the shots hit and then someone would kill the player and nothing of mine registered. I am really considering quitting this game as well.


Let me make this as clear as possible.

Remember how Gears 4 came out with the hammerburst and then the packs and all? Make money first THEN listen.

Same for Gears 5. Right now they are loving the game pass players and the money they are getting. They really didn’t care to go to the length of having input detection for mp instead of this on/off crossplay? No plan to change the aim assist and/or whatever is making the hitbox feel gigantic?

Why not?


We are not their priority right now!

Asking for quitting penalties? They literally said that they are not in the game right now because they want the new players/noobs to quit freely and not get so frustrated and leave the game.

Money first then community.


Can you direct me to where they said this or add it here as a link please?

someone here told me, let me find it…brb

Awesome thanks.

like when they said they had no plans to change the aim assist in a dev stream, they say the most interesting stuff there