I am a terrible human being

Yes, as long as one person gets out, the team gets the rewards.

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When was the middle finger wind up animation released?

Missed it, but thanks for the link. I know what its called now :+1:


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Not from a Jedi :wink:

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:beers: :beers:

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Somebody just re-enacted this with me on Surge this morning. I didn’t mind though - I got my cards. A truly terrible human being would then detonate a frag to make sure nobody got on the helicopter :laughing:

Except the FF in Escape doesn’t let you kill players…

… assuming you don’t know how to do the friendly fire frags bug/glitch/whatever. But then nobody would get any rewards.

I accidentally killed a player in escape with Lizzie’s cold finish. As long as nobody truly loses anything except pride then it’s all good as far as I’m concerned :wink:

I’ve had it happen once that the Escape match was won and nobody got on the chopper. Was the same pilot message as usual though and everybody got the rewards. I don’t exactly know how it happened, but I was frozen solid as the last survivor on the platform when that ice scion bled out and I crumbled to pieces. Should have recorded it.

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You can kill players if you down everyone. Or if you down someone and leave them for dead.

Read. You as a player cannot down anybody with friendly fire in Escape, no matter how much you shoot them. The only way to actually kill someone is to get them frozen when you’re Lizzie using Cold Finish, or get enemies to down them and then quit.

Have you never had a teammate run through a shock nade before? I’m confident I’ve accidentally downed a teammate.

Nope. Maybe you set off a Shock Popper on The Onslaught which downed a teammate? Otherwise, FF in Escape doesn’t down teammates. Even if you blast them with an explosive.

An exception to this is frag tagging something like a Warden which can kill your teammates. Which is ridiculous imo. The blast radius is much bigger than when you normally throw a frag when they are tagged to an enemy.

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I think I’ll test this. I’m curious now. I’ll be back with my results once I’ve done it lol

It is correct. You can only damage them to the point where the smallest damage from any other non-friendly source downs them.

Hm. Ok. I guess I won’t test it if this many people are sure of it. Fair enough. I learned something new today. @AmicableWall421

Damn, that was so mean that it was good.