I actually miss the black steels

The polygon black armors with shining lights was such a cool idea, why they had to take them off?? Honestly the chrome armors look quite ugly, it’s not even chrome it’s freaking deformed black and white


I think is is why they’re now selling “collector’s” versions. They are hoping the black characters will sell better, maybe?

I figured the collector’s set was the replacement.

Doubt it. I suspect it’s a two-pronged thing where the Chrome Steel items are still a thing and will be to generate money for eSports; while the Collectors stuff will be to generate money to buy more koi carp for their piano shaped garden pond.

My issue with the Chrome Steel skins is that alot of characters have silver armour anyway, so they will look too similar.


In game, they just look kind of dull grey.

Black steel was so damn sexy. The design team was really on-point in Gears 4 and the skins, even the non steel ones, got me hyped to play every day.
IDK what the hell is going on in 5.


Hey bro, koi are EXPENSIVE. And, the overnight shipping ain’t cheap. The struggle is real. :grin: