Hyper Bouncing is an Art

Let me start off by saying I’m making this post to express myself in the hyper bounce.

I’m not here to argue about why I dislike this tuning. Just a ranked warrior whose majority of game time is in ranked.

Easily had over 25-30 days of ranked back in August of 2020.

Hyper bouncing took me a solid 7-8 months to master & I don’t understand why it received much flak. Something that takes 7-8 months to develop & master after already knowing strafe & bounce shouldn’t be tossed aside.

The good thing about this update is that hyper bounce is void, so those that never practiced it or tried to develop it are praising the days. But why? Why would you praise something instead of mastering it.

Everyone likes to state they get killed in odd ways with hyper bounce but did we all just forget how legitimate the kill cam is? Since day one Gears publicly stated the kill cam doesn’t work…

There was so many intricate ways to defend & offend. Hyper bouncing was a true art. It gave me the adrenaline rush.

People think it’s all about tapping “A” ? Really… that’s a sore cop out to me because even rapidly tapping A your character would roll if you didn’t know what you were doing.

Even if you spam A you can hard aim a spammer.

But no, people weren’t actually hating on the spam of “A” but because they were getting killed by someone who had precision movement while tapping the A…

Don’t get it twisted though, sliding at a hyper bounce speed isn’t easy by any means… it never was…

You think you can just tap A & right trigger and get a kill? Not really… hyper bounce was an evolution of knowing the basics, strafe, bounce & understanding Up A , Back A & all being used at a very high speed.

To me Hyper Bouncing was the ultimate art…

Recently went back to 5 & I bot walked for a kill streak of 5+… I couldn’t take it so I left the lobby, something I never do… but somehow watering down the game was best I guess…

As a 5 supporter whose always spent money on this game & the Esports scene I am deeply disappointed in the communities view point in the “Hyper Bounce”…

Again not here to argue because some will find a reason to, this is something I had to express.


Welcome back!

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I cant hyper bounce but definitely appreciate people that can. I tried to learn it back in 4 but at my age i just can’t connect my hands and eyes to it. I can do basically everything else, wrap shots, outward reactions, up A’s, back A’s, etc, but fast bouncing just never connected for me. This is what i loved about 4’s PVP. All the effective play styles people could conform to based on their strengths. In 5, especially now, this has been greatly reduced and more people are just playing the same way. Really boring if you ask me. Bot walking was there in 4, but man does it thrive in 5.


I totally agree.

I have clips of me hyper bouncing & I just can’t believe I can never do it again.

I did make posts to try to help people to hyper bounce & help the community but it was over looked.

Did get a few people to show & they absolutely loved it.

I was thinking of doing a stream & YouTube labeled “Guilty bot walk to masters” to show how pathetic this state in Gearsdom we’re in but we’ll see if TC throws us a bone…

Otherwise I’ll do it just for the troll & disdain …


I always figured the people that complained about it where the people that couldn’t do it. When i get hit with a nice wrap, or outplayed by a good hyper bounce, i often compliment the player out loud, no joke. I then immediately analyze what i did wrong, and sure enough 99% of the time it was a mistake on my part. All of these things are defendable. As a matter of fact, if you spend time getting good at predicting enemy movement and their path to close the distance, you can combat it in a relatively easy manner. One of the things i always do in higher ranked matches is conform my approach to how my enemies are playing. Mid round adjustments are critical in succeeding and often overlooked by most players.

Also really cool on your part for providing the community with assistance to learning one of the harder techniques. Im sure for even you, you had to put in the work to get there.


I appreciate it…

I’ve made many threads trying to help gears gamers out…

I used to have a gnasher academy… free charity work…

I’m not the best player but I never said I was…

I just don’t like these top players who never got to know the community dictate the game… & the game modes, for the matter. They have UMG with their own set of rules & regulations why do they dictate a ranked mode.

You ever seen these top players give a new gamer the time of day and teach them?

I’ve always been a top ranked player & never bragged about it unless you looked at the leader boards.

Lately I’m confused the direction of the game & who they are catering too…

As for hyper bounce it was an art and ive never understood the hate for it…


Gears 5 has no identity. It constantly changes and the changes are almost always polarizing. Game mode changes, player count changes, movement changes, weapon damage changes, it just never seems to find itself.

I found it interesting in another thread where Ryan the old dev mentioned that they for both 4 and 5 took the Pro’s feedback into heavy consideration. Considering the two games are so far from each other i find this odd. The community IMO should come first always. Gears Of War has always had success because of its dedicated player base who follow it from release to release, they shouldn’t forget that.

This may be going off subject, but dare i say it, i actually look back and appreciate the 2 tunings in Gears of War 4. Especially with the dedicated playlists. I thought the comp tuning actually played out really well for Escalation considering the objective of the game. It seemed to help appease the pro’s a bit too since they were (and are) in such high focus to TC. I do admit to, i actually enjoyed watching Gears of War 4 Escalation tournaments. High octane, high stress, craziness!

Now back on subject, yes I definitely agree hyper bouncing is / was an art. Very few players can use it effectively. Im not one of them.


Hello GuiltyCrisis! Welcome back!

Long time no see, hope everything is alright?

Me neither, but I always have mad respect for people who take the time and effort to learn this skill.

Hyperbouncing is truly an art, and its amazing to watch such talented players to perform this.


I don’t understand the people that are against hyper bouncing either. If it was so easy, everyone would be doing it!!

When you look at Rocket League, you don’t see people complaining about the flying and air dribbling, and all that stuff.

So why is hyper bouncing any different?


Hyper bouncing is art, and so is this:


Self portrait?


I call it, “Bold and Brash.”


You are fierce, Mark.


This masterpiece could only have been created by some student who graduated this ^ college.



Lol I actually own the handsome squidward shirt


Since no one said it:
“More like Belongs in the trash! hahaha”

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Hyper bouncing is nothing more that a slide movement glitch TC should of patched a log time ago ! Being a veteran playing the Gears franchise since Gears 1, I didn’t have a problem with it. I could own H bouncers no problem. But new players would just get owned.

The Hyper bounce , plus laggy servers, plus a third grade far GIB range, plus the almighty corner up A glitch created a ridiculous unfair advantage for a long time.

TC is always trying to balance everything. And equal out weapons. And even equal out skill! I blame TC for letting that movement go on for so long. Oh the hypocrisy! Glad it’s out. Now you actually have to learn the game!


I obviously disagree.

It was a blast & got my heart racing. I don’t care for any other reason. Sorry, not sorry…