Huge performance issues

So I’m seeing hideous performance in Gears 5 @1440p after moving from 11900K + RTX 3090 to Ryzen 5900X + RTX 3090. My GPU is supposed to be using ~400-450W of power during gaming/benchmark, but Gears is only using ~250-320W. Something wrong with latest NVidia drivers??

I’ve gone from 130ish fps average to like 85-90…???

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed the game twice now…

Did you happen to update windows during the switch?
I know at one point KB5001330 was causing issues with games.

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My Windows 10 is up to date, so most likely.

But it’s literally ONLY GoW5 having problems. Doom, Control, Apex, CSGO, CyberPunk- none of them have problems.

Recently I got BSOD on 1st wave, a damn shame, either Windows or the game itself or the damn drivers causing problems, having all up to date isn’t always useful. The never ending crappy software story.

They have pills for this

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See what I mean? This dudes in 1440p and he’s got issues.


No shot I’m dead

Well the game is poop…

I still think 1440 is the way to go anyways. Long as it hits 120fps

Try turning vsync off, and re-enable the resolution. Happens to me very often when I start the game.

Not sure what you mean?
I usually run the benchmark with vsync off. I’ve tried bout, and I’ve tried switching resolutions between 4K and 1440p. 4K seems to run “OK” but I get some gross CPU (red dots) dips… There’s got to be something wrong with the game. It can’t be the PC as literally every other game works fine.
Another thing I noticed is that after the benchmark runs the mouse doesn’t move smooth at all, like I’m running at 30fps or something.

Here’s what my bench looked like ~2 weeks ago (vsync on)

And here’s what it looks like now…

Recently bought a 4k monitor, and I started having the same issues. I have an AMD card atm, but check nvidia control panel and set gears 5 vsync to off (It’s probably set to “use 3d application setting”). Once set to off, this should override in-game settings. This is how I go from 30 to 80+ fps. For some reason the vsync is acting weird, when running at a lower resolution than the monitor’s native res. Sometimes it even loads the game in 4k, even after I’ve set it to 1080p multiple times.

I’ve tried everything.

The problem isn’t vsync. My video card is literally pulling way less power than it should be. It’s supposed to be pulling 400W +, but it drops all the way down to the low 300’s.

My native res is 1440p and I run at 1440p. If I bump my res up to 4K I get almost identical, or better, performance in the bench. Multiplayer is basically unplayable, it’s a skippy choppy mess.

What motherboard you have?
Are you using the fastest pcie bus on the board?

It’s only this game.

I have the original Xbox one & for some reason it’s always this game that gives me performance issues.

I can play any other game & download a whole game , while playing, & have no problems but when I get to this game it’s just so exaggerated.

Could be anything too.

I’m not much of a gaming buff but I’d say it’s the servers.