Huge gears fan, but very DISAPPOINTED with gears 5

Gameplay is pretty solid and responsive. Campaign is great when it’s not bugging out or refusing to award achievements.
But man o man is this game just here to steal our money. The only thing they’ve updated is skins and micro transactions.they just keep shoving it down our throats. And it would be alot different if this was a free to play game, or even provided decent cosmetics to purchase.
They filled this game with meaningless unlockables, I feel no rush when unlocking banners or bloodsprays. I dont eant those and I would rather just disable the supply drops if that’s all I’m getting.
Multiplayer is fun and motivating when you unlock gun skins or characters or even achievements. What happened to UNLOCKING those? Why has everything got to be purchased all of a sudden , and never anything awarded for actually practicing and getting gud at the game.
Ive put hundreds of hours into every gears game in the series, and this is by far the most disappointing entry. I though gears 4 had a bad reward and cosmetic system. But jesus christ I’d be happy to have that now compared to 5.
I might be alone on most of this, but I’m 100% sure this will be the least played gears entry for me and for sure the least supported game paid DLC wise for me. I will never financially support this game unless they make huge steps to fix this abomination .
Thanks for reading, and I’m sorry to my fellow gears that have to endure this terrible game with me.

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