Hu1k Daddy's 1 day to Play (Lets Play Horde) Saturday 3-14 //8am-1pm EST

@Hu1k_Daddy Dang! Tell her you’re sending the bill for baby sitting her child…

I have Gears down there

Edit: @Bleeding_Pepper Why am I replying to you?..I’m stupid xD…


Funny man. That was really funny. Thank you for that lol :grin:

@Hu1k_Daddy “HU1KDADDY - HORDE MAESTRO AND CHILD MINDING SERVICES - hourly rates start at 500 Iron per child - discounts for full lobbies.”


@Hu1k_Daddy Bleeding Pepper is your PR now…

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OMG-I’m dying with that one.

There we go, had to correct it


hahahahahahaha :smile:

@Hu1k_Daddy I was wondering do you still play Gears 4, or you left it alone ?

Hey man,

No I do still play 4. I like how much faster it is than 5.

Also, I find it funny how the Classes in 4 are stronger than the Hero’s in G5.

Maybe TC has the words backwards for what they actually mean? I dunno.

But yea, I have G3, G4, G5 all currently installed. So if you are ever up for doing that, I’m down bro.

I basically have a normal life until two weeks when I travel again. So just let me know man. :slight_smile:

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Same here… I have all of them installed… sounds great Ill send you a message and we’ll play … thanks @Hu1k_Daddy :slight_smile:

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Shoot. Plans Saturday AM - I would definitely try to join otherwise! I’ll add you as a friend in case you have other sessions!

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Oh, so it is possible to complete a horde guide?

cough @anon32088142 cough

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This would be my ninth actually. But I get it. Pretty funny man. :rofl:

Hey HD, sorry I didn’t join earlier today but unfortunately I’m kinda done with Gears 5 for the time being :frowning_face:.

Hope everyone that did get involved had a great time though :relaxed:.

Oh poo I thought this was a weekend thing (as in, Sunday as well). I’ve been out of town visiting a friend and thought I’d be able to join in on Sunday. :expressionless:


Hey @Ektope can you close this now?

Thank you.

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I am not Ektope, but I can close this :wink: