Hu1k Daddy's 1 day to Play (Lets Play Horde) Saturday 3-14 //8am-1pm EST

Hello my Fellow Gears!

I will be doing another group Horde Event this Saturday from 8am- 1pm EST.

If you are going to be on around that time, grab a headset send me a message and lets have some fun!!!

Hope to see on.

If you are not on my current Friends List, my name here is the same as on X-BOX Live
A Headset is not required to join, but if you have one-be a good time to use it :slight_smile:


Hi @Hu1k_Daddy sounds like fun… is it going to be on Inconceivable difficulty ?


Its the Dude!!

Hey bro. It will not limited to a difficulty as this will be more fore people who want to play with others but maybe had a bad experience before and kinda play solo now.

It will be up to the group that joins. So obviously I can only go with 5 at a time. So if we have 4 others that join and are all super high level then we can do whatever.

So basically its super open ended. :slight_smile:

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Welcome back,

The forums surely need guys like you to talk about horde and\or coordinating events…


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My friend @Hu1k_Daddy sounds like fun, Ill play whatever difficulty, if I’m around that time Ill send you a message right away man :slight_smile:

Great that you are back, and will be a pleasure to play with you again.



Ah thanks man.

Feels good to be back. So I appreciate that very much.

I will be having a more normal work schedule for the coming week so the long overdue Guides for the following characters will finally be completed:


Also, hope to see you on :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


Happy to play if I’m around. I think you’re on my friends list, so hit me up when you’re around and see me on! I don’t think we’ve had an opportunity to play very much - I vaguely remember playing with you very briefly, and I think it may have been Escape.

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Yea man.

I try to do it early for my UK buddies due to the time Zone difference.

I tried doing it late in the day once and a kid joined in had a blast. A few days later I got a message from his Mom saying how mad she was that I kept her son up that late.

So, yea compromises man. :slight_smile:

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hahahahha sometimes such things happens man hahahah :smile:

unbelievable :smile:

Haha! You’re a bad influence on children! :smiley:

But on a serious note though, her son needs to take some personal responsibility there; and also she as a parent as well if staying up late was going to be such a problem for her son. I presume they live in the same household.

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yeah @Bleeding_Pepper it wasn’t @Hu1k_Daddy 's fault it was his parents fault for:

  1. leaving the children playing GOW that late.
  2. not limiting the internet service to his xbox .

It was unfair that his mother had an complain on @Hu1k_Daddy he’s just working his magic on the game .

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My thoughts exactly. But also being a parent myself, I can relate to a certain degree. However, I did think the anger towards me was misplaced.

I mean I wasn’t selling drugs to him or anything.

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no man of course not… you were teaching the lad how to play " a man’s game " and leaving the " casualized method of gaming behind "


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Even as a parent, you are not responsible for other people’s children. You don’t know what their circumstances are and whether they have to be up for school/college/work etc the next day. You may not even know what age they are in order to make assumptions.

I’m not saying that she’s a bad mum for allowing this to happen. Children and teenagers can be secretive and manipulative. I know I was when I was that age - it happens and they will to varying extents push boundaries with rules, curfews, authority etc to get their way. This kinda thing happens to good parents as well. But to blame it on you is, as you said, misplaced and unreasonable.


You are such a positive and well spoken dude. :slight_smile:

And yea. I think all we played was like Escape for maybe 15 minutes. So yea I hope this time we can make it work.

I love that you do character guides. That’s such a good idea and help.

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Not cool of somebody to blame you for their child’s choices. Sometimes I get blamed for this one kid staying up late playing gears of war and his Mom gets mad at me too - but in my mind it’s her fault for marrying me xD


Thank you so much.

It seems that many feel the same way. However not sure if you ever happend to see it, but my very first reply on my JD guide (1st Character Guide) was pretty bad.

So, its pretty cool that people still seem to appreciate them, and how much the view of the Guides in general seems to have changed.

From how it started to now, its kinda cool. :slight_smile:

I think your JD guide is where I learned that launcher capacity gives more grenades too. Nuggets like that are very helpful to come up to speed fast. That in conjunction with frags and razor hail has a lot of synergy. Makes JD the best DPS in 5. Although - Keegan’s version of razor hail and his grenade pouches give him a good runner up AND I can’t wait to find somebody to abuse Keegan’s eagle eyes + Recharge bounty with JD’s spotter support and confirmed kill .

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Well join on Saturday.

We can give it a whirl :slight_smile:

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