How's the population comparing in GOW4 in 2021?

Thinking of rebuying, Gears 5 is just…yeesh, let’s not go there, how’s GOW4 doing population wise?

On one hand I don’t want to give them my money again, on the other, it’s on sale, might as well pick the game up cheap while I can

Thanks guys, gals and everything in between and out

Edit: Thanks guys, I picked up some Game Pass, might buy some Halo in PC, love y’all

You’re better off spending your money on another game


I’d personally just buy a game pass sub over the game itself as it’s one of the titles offered with the sub.

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Find games easy enough

Social and ranked

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5 minutes waiting then I can enjoy Social.

Titanfall 2 is really fun. Gears pvp is a broken mess. Pve is fun but turns into a pointless grind after certain class levels.

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Well… At least I can enjoy “low” level Horde in Gears 5 (Beginner or Advanced).

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Yeah not as many instant downs and among other things. I rarely play above advanced myself.

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Sonetimes I did some Insane Horde with More Health and More Damage off.

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If Tc could make the higher difficultly not artificial, pve would benefit massively.