Hows the level 20 class grind going?

How is everyone going about to getting their classes maxed? Or if youve already gotten all of the classes to level 20, how did you go about getting it done?
Im just playing all of the classes based on my mood, what sounds fun to me at the moment. Im not excited to work on the promotional section at all :persevere:

My OCD told me to get everyone to level 17 and THEN start focusing on 1 class at a time to max out… :roll_eyes:

I just hit my first 20 last week

Each class reached Lv 20 2 and a half months ago and 4 more golden cards for Kat and I’m done with the cards.


I’ve been running a level 20 medic for the longest. Can’t say i’m too interested in grinding out another class. At the same time medic fits my playstyle very well since I can play somewhat aggressive while i tank or heal

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Only got 3 at level 20 as I mess around a lot haha

Infiltrator/demolitions/combat medic

Currently using tactician which is level 18 & veteran which is 16

Nice! most of the main classes for me are level 18-19, however my jack is 15 and mechanic and robotics are 17. I dont get to play mechanic much because people never donate for me :frowning: I have my brawler and nomad at 20. I got nomad to 20 like 3 or 4 days ago.

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I’m just enjoying playing the different classes and trying out new and different playstyles. It’s really brought a breath of fresh air to the game for me and I’m glad I did it. I would encourage others to do the same because it really helps.

I really enjoyed playing Nomad and Gunner for example, I like the versatility of Nomad and the Heavy Weapons playstyle of Gunner, which is quite different to how the other classes function.

Level 20 with all classes is just a goal I’ll reach along the way. I like being able to go in a lobby and having a choice of what I want to play, rather than being restricted somewhat.

Almost there (I left out the first half of OP5 so I’m a bit behind).

Promotionals aren’t that bad. Just need the right modifiers to play them on. Architect can almost always be played. It’s just a downgraded engi.
Protector is better in Escape, I prefer to run Striker in Escape too if it’s a simple hive.
Slugger I’m rarely running but works quite well with spamming frag grenades in Horde actually. Cheap and more or less effective if there’s no regen modifier.

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I waited for a double character XP drop and went to town lol. My promo characters are still at a very low level because they are really boring to play but ill get them done eventually.

agreed, i stopped playing brawler after hitting level 20 with it, that was like my favorite class in the game. or at least top 5 for sure. Same with nomad, nomad was my go to escape class. I think from all of the main character classes, blademaster is my least favorite. I really dont like that class like at all. I cant wait to get it to 20.

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I had all of my classes at level 18 and all non-promotional classes’ skill cards maxed prior to Operation 5. So Operation 5 was spent maxing them out again - obviously all classes that didn’t have any new cards like Marksman and Veteran remained as they were and it was just a case of getting the Heroic Venom weapon. After the Christmas XP-period I had everyone to level 20 and all promotional classes’ skill cards maxed out.

At the start of Operation 6 I used Gear Coins to craft the rest of the skill cards so now everyone is totally maxed - I think I only spend around 50,000 GC. The last few classes were Anchor, Blademaster, Mechanic, Pilot and JACK. I managed to do the rest through grinding.


whats your favorite class? I know thats not a question pertaining to the post but im curious. Blademaster… yikes lol I cant stand that class. even on escape. i much prefer brawler or nomad.

only maxing out classes i actually use so far i got

Demo , Pilot and robotics expert at 20 with Inflitrator and marksman at 19 while my brawler, nomad , veteran gunner all over over 16 everybody else i won’t bother

youre not going for the full set? I mentally need them all. it would bother me if i didnt have them all lol

I don’t really have a fixed favourite class really. Due to the pandemic and working from home, I’ve got alot more gaming time, so I was able to play quite a lot, so I like to mix it up. I’d get really bored if I had to play the same class (or classes) repeatedly. And generally speaking I like to think I’m fairly versatile as a player in that I’m capable of playing all classes reasonably well.

I think broadly speaking, I like Blademaster; Tactician; Marksman; and Gunner the most.

I really like Escape. I just like how it’s very different to other PVE modes in GOW throughout the years. And despite the game’s flaws, one thing GOW5 got right and did very well, was implementing this new melee/CQC system. I think it works extremely well. Obviously in past GOW games there wasn’t really a melee system - it was the slower swing of your gun, but this current system has added alot of depth to the game in my opinion. I think that’s why I really like playing as Blademaster because the playstyle fits this new melee combat system the best. Also my style as Tactician in Horde is actually similar and uses melee combat alot as I use Interrogation, and I like working in tandem with a Demolitions class to meatshield and mark targets for their Artillery drop. My playtime as Tactician is probably 50/50 split between using explosives; and CQC. In Escape obviously I revert to the standard explosives approach.

Gunner is fun because it’s probanly the tankiest class, and I just love rushing the enemy and using his Reflective ultimate.

And Marksman, it’s just satisfying to pop heads, and there are many hives where this class can really shine in Escape.

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same, I actually mostly like all the main classes in the game. some i prefer more than others but i still have fun with most of them, pilot is one of my personal favorites and back when lizzie was the main character, i only played pilot. I still only play lizzie as pilot because its only right lol. maybe sam could be pilot too since she can fly a KR. for marksman i always feel good when im able to end the round in like a min, its a nice flex.

some classes are just awful for Horde I like playing on incon - masters and some classes are not fun in those levels when u see me in a masters lobby i’m there to actually contribute towards 50 lol

ahh i see, ive never done a masters run before. I want to but i just dont really ever get the time to. Ive only done like 2-3 50 runs since the games been out lol. I like doing 50s but yk time is an issue for me, and its hard for me to find a good team.

I’m not really lol As a late bloomer that didn’t start doing it til Op 5, decided to at least chase the starter weapons… the 1st time they had Double XP grinded and got my Infiltrator to 20 for the Gnasher… then started working on Combat Medic during the 4x XP, it’s sitting at 18 almost 19.

But then the Re-Up changes came and I hit Reup 32, getting the Ascendant Lancer that isn’t much different than the Venom Lancer I almost reached… then the Heroic Crystal set announced to the store, an even better set than both and I can get the whole set… they really screwed the pooch making them too similar to get me to care about finishing the grind lol

I dont understand why they did that. its so dumb, you can barely tell them apart on the battlefield. i wouldve preferred if they had given us the team insignia sets or maybe the midnight omen as a re-up reward. making too many heroic sets that look similar just ruins the exclusivity. it shouldve remained heroic for horde, I have no issue with Myrrah being buyable but the skin set was dumb to add.