Hows everybody doing on the beta?!

All good bud, just want to make sure the feedback and bug reports go to the correct place :slight_smile:

Diamond 2.

Almost D3 I think.

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The ranking system is bugged anyway. It is so boring ranking up every match or get de-ranked every match. Gears 4 ranking system was actually better. OH gosh, I never thought I would say that!!!

The only other option is staying exactly the same. Is that what you are aiming for? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is bugged. If someone quits, rank goes down…at least for me thats been the case. But less people have been quiting the last few games.

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I’m now top 16% according to the game!

But this was when it happened:


Yeah, if someone on the other team quits it counts as a loss for you and an extreme point loss. The flip side that is that if you get destroyed but your team quits, it counts as a win and extreme points.

I presume that will be fixed for release.


Nah. I dont really know what to think of the ranking system right now. Maybe I will get the hang of it soon but at the moment I think its strange. I played good every match, but I dont think I should be diamond 3 already.

I remember this noon, I was playing Gears 4 for 3-4 hours straight grinding for Diamond 1 in 2vs2 gnasher only. 10 minutes before the tech test started I actually reached 100% Onyx 3. It was a grind.


Keep in mind the brackets each have a limited number of people, and it looks like its easy to get a reasonable rank atm just by playing as the spots aren’t all filled.

Eg if the ranking can accommodate 100,000 players and only 10,000 have a rank, then everyone who is playing will be in the top 10%.

I don’t know if certain “ranking points” thresholds also need to be filled, but if so they seem quite low atm.


Good point

It’s a weird system for sure.

I agree with @eQ_Ultrax that Gears 4 had a better system.

I like the format in Gears 5 but it is not being executed properly. The fluctuations are too much. If it doesn’t change, in the final game you will be able to go from gold 3 to diamond 1 and back all in the same week.

In Gears 4, the ranks created an invisible leaderboard. In Gears 5, the leaderboard creates the ranks.

There really isn’t much merit to it right now. You have to play a good amount every day to keep your rank or else you will drop. You can win several games and actually lose rank. Why? That is how it works based off the leaderboard.

If you play stacked then you will be favored heavily and not get many skill points. If you play alone you risk losing too many skill points. If someone quits on the other team, you get penalized by getting your potential total of skill points cut and someone else can leap you in the leaderboard.

I made a topic about this:


I remember a time when I couldn’t even get past onyx 2… and now people are all getting master rank? Sure as hell humbling me

Where do you all find the time??
level 94 and people re upping ,holy sheet thats some time put in .

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Hot masters last night! Loving the beta. Couple minor issues but overall I’m really excited for September. Now just deciding if I remap my controls (played default on every gears since 2006) so I can start to learn alt or if I should wait for that elite 2 controller my gf is buying me.

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