Hows everybody doing on the beta?!

Now that I’ve downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers, loving it, no crashes. Running super smooth.

As much as I think the ranking system is broken (Going down after winning matches with MVP) I just hit masters rank!

What rank is everybody else at?

Just hit level 94 too, what’s the haps people!


@Krylon_Blue and I hit Master rank!

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I am diamond 2 on Koth and am Re-Up 1

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So you can re up on the beta? That’s awesome

Yes you can. But it doesn’t give you anything, neither does it show in the lobby it only says level 1-2-3-4-5, nothing more. So basically I am lvl 1 again.

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Ah okay

My friend got Masters Rank #1.

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PC Player here

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Everyone getting this Masters rank :joy:

Top 100 and I know so many already.

Definitely bugged again most likely.

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Also likely as its early on so plenty of spots in the top 100

The first 100 spots would have been claimed really fast, tech test is like 9 hours strong now.

A match = 10-20 mins?

That would mean a rank within 1-2 hours.

Yeah but easy enough to break in for good people. Plenty of people that have no idea what they are doing in this tech test.

You’ve already made a separate topic and posted again here :sweat_smile:

There is an official bug report thread.

It’s literally pinned at the top.

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I moved his thread to the bug reports thread so it actually gets seen.

Edit: He doesn’t seem to understand elevation. (I know some walls can be shot through)

I never get why people post in random threads when we have pinned ones.

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Just doesn’t seem right - Masters Rank everywhere.

Because I dont see the pinned ones on my screen. Not everyone sees the same thing :roll_eyes:

They are literally the top threads. Anyway, your thread has already been merged into the official thread for bug reports.

Do you want me to send you a screen shot my my top thread? It’s not on there for me bro.

Yes please. Then I can see what is going wrong.

Edit: Hit the Latest tab.

Ya was looking for a offical thread this hole time. They just now popped up for me to see, with the red pins. Thought I wasint looking in the right area and after the 3rd time looking it’s there now. Sorry for pointless threads

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