How would you make Gears 5 a better game?

Give us your ideas on how Gears 5 could of been a better game. Please keep it civil fellas/ladies. We don’t want the thread to be closed down.

  1. Add another section to each character’s customization page where you can see their Arcade Mode loadout.

  2. Add a page that keeps track of your earned ribbons like previous War Journals.


5.Remove Hero System
6.Earn a limitless supply of Iron
7.Fix (insert various problems here)
9.Weapon Skins seperate for both factions again
10.Return of the character join in progress putting you as a different character (My personal favorite feature)


Proximity Global Voice Chat

Carryover G4 maps and purchased skins.

Iron wise, you gotta make money, but the community really wants to earn it. Have both. Have the unlimited Iron earning spree like they want, but in small increments. Give a multiplier percent more if they purchase additional for a little real money, $.99 is good if it means you can go buy something now.

Anything else is maintenance/bugfix related,

I don’t like the idea of other people getting stuff for free when I pay for it, sorry but just because someone has no life and can grind for whatever premium currency, doesn’t mean they should get the same stuff as me when I’m paying for it with real money.
Now I’m cool with more / better enable content, but when I get a skin I purchased, I’d prefer that only other people who have supported the game financially have it.

Let Australia find a match without waiting 3 hours

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-Add a “roam around” mode where there is no combat so you can just walk around maps and get familiar with them without having to start horde

Maps and better matchmaking. I’m more or less fine with everything else.

Ranking system kinda sucks too, IMO it’s just too easy and unrewarding to achieve higher tiers. There could also be more transparency with the point calculation. I also think each game type needs its own performance assessment. e.g K/D weighted more in TDM /2v2 calc, Caps and round win weighted more in KOTH/Execution etc.

Simplified playlist (which is coming, cool)

Content could be better, but the game is a service game so suppose that might come with time.

New game+ for main story (Jack abilities all unlocked)

That’s about it.

I hope somebody reads this because as a die-hard Gears fan , I am literally craving for some Gears action , but being held off by the current state of the game.

  • This game needs a complete menu overhaul.
    Nobody likes emotes , banners and skins because they’re themselves a pain to find.
    The current character customization display makes zero sense due to the fact that this game does not offer a true customization.
    Weapon customization , on the other hand , is almost satisfying , but the quality of the skins , again , is awful.
    And , again , the menu choice is terrible and that makes even something good look bad.

  • Maps
    Maps , Maps , Maps , Maps.
    Maps , but also Maps , Maps , Maps , which includes Maps , Maps , Maps , Maps , and Maps.
    And let us not forget Maps.
    In conclusion , definitely Maps.

  • No Power in Horde
    I get it , Horde became the most important PvE experience you wanted to offer , and of course you wanted to give the players a Fair way to split fortifications. -lemme me get it straight clear- it is almost good with the enemy diversity that this game offers. But Power system is wrong , boring , it destroys the immersion. Wanna keep it? Fine , makes sense.
    But give us the possibility of turning it off , or a ‘powerless’ Horde Mode.

  • Get rid of the Grind system
    I don’t see this happening anytime soon , but hey , you asked what would make the game better.
    A skin does not gain value or it is considerabile ‘rare’ if you just can buy it with Money.
    The grind makes no sense , some guy with half my Playtime could rock off the same exact skin I been grinding for 2 months.
    I know you guys are doing it for the MONEY , people is not stupid , they are stupid by buying this stuff , encouraging this wrong , player-milking system.

There is just too much work to do to save this game.

This is actually an interesting one. What skins have come out for free that you have paid for so we can be clear on this.

As for the system available right now I have earned everything through game play as in Lizzie and Baird and all in my spare time which is what the TOD has allowed. If you have bought certain skins and characters that can be unlocked through gameplay then thats all on you and simply put pay or play. As for this “support the game finacially” I bought the game full price so if anything I have supported the game finacially. What I will say is if TC release certain items that can only be purchased then they must remain that way but having said this is TC we are talking about who near the end of G4s life cycle released all black steel characters to be individually purchased after so many players wasted way too much money on the RNG packs.

  1. & biggest problemPLZzzz just disabled gears5 default maps !
    2.Bring back CLIFF B

None of the current skins I have bought have been re released as earnable, I’m referring to the people who want unlimited earnable iron. It’s a premium currency you get with real money. I buy it with my hard earned income, I don’t wan people to be able to get as much as they need by just playing. Just playing doesn’t support the game you should get special items for contributing more. Plus iron is such a laim prize in the tour of duty.

TC to communicate more on the forum’s,instead of twitter,this is not knocking TC,but being polite and honest

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Better impact with killing characters in story as the choice is weak and has no meaning, kaits should of turned and became queen, bringing back reyna was weak. Kept the proper amount of shotgun shells in the gnasher. Be able to stun the chainsaw in multiplayer. More base characters and maps

More maps .

1.- Starting with add all the maps + characters of gears 4 on the “Operation 3”

2.- Re-introducing the system of lootbox when you lv up but removing the option to buying them with “Real money”. So you lv up get your lootbox then you can craft items u dont need to create characters.

3.- Turning the Gears 5 gnasher exactly as Gears 4 core one with less range but same damage.

4.- Removing the Icon of PC and cap at 60 fps the game on PC to have a Forced cross-play

This for start

Remove useless banners, blood sprays,emotes and pointers.
More Maps
More Characters
Put manned turrets back in horde
Overhaul the perks purchased during horde
Remove double dmg+double health modifiers.
Move death=restart modifier to the end
Make horde perks do what the cards actually say.
Whoever determines the values of perks in horde make them retake math courses cause they don’t line up.
Make duplicates cards scrapable
Keep the hero system. Just don’t tie my class to the character I am using.
Give us more gears characters
Give the dlc chars enough perks to make them viable at masters
Bring back the locust and lambent in horde
In Escape, make people actually play escape instead of speed running to the exit.
Make tank/melee characters actually tanky. Melee is impossible in masters
Give us a fortification or a ink grenade that spreads venom so the escape char can use their venom perks
Make the horde lobby refresh faster
Make masters have a minimum lvl requirement of 12(that’s about when people get the good stuff) Make Incon lvl 11 Make Insane have a lvl 10. Don’t let us set the lvl requirement because we all know people will make advanced lobbies saying “lvl 18. reup 50 only!”
Let everyone build all forts and buy all guns from the fabricator. Let only engineer upgrade.
Remove the ToD and bring back the war book. No one wants to be on a time limit every 3 months.

Please, no loot boxes of any kind.

Manned turrets are already in Horde. They are called “Marcus” and “Lahni” :joy:

-Better flowing maps.
-Revert Horde to a more Gears 4 like state.
-Revert PVP movement to late Gears 4 movement.
-Compelling, original characters as I really don’t care for any of the new characters.

  • bring back all the best Epic made maps

  • let me disable Bloodsprays, they’re very cringy