How would ya'll feel about adding lazer sights to weapons to help newbs learn how to blind fire?

Im sure some of you like the idea while others might not, i personally think this would not only encourage players to learn and prefect the techniques in blind firing but i feel it could help those who manage the dynamics if the game improve how this game works, it will point out where the game starts to fall apart and the programing can be tweeked to where everything makes sense to the naked eye, if a game as old as halo3 on a player host can make complete sense to the naked eye something that came out many years later should have no issues doing the same thing, im personally suprised gears hasnt been reestablished on a different gaming engine, the unreal engine has always had muliplayer issues, so why not set it aside and use an engine that is known to work properly, its not like theyd have to spend extra money developing a new engine or paying some one else to use theres, this game along with halo a much much more are all owned by microsoft, why is it so hard for the producers of this game to care about the game as much as the veteran players do?

So should they change the name to Gears of Duty?


Not sure why you even bring up cod, this has nothing to do with that, maybe be a little bit more constructive with your imput cause you are getting no where really fast, in case you were unaware lazer sights have been on guns long before video games existed,

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Because leaser sights are exclusive to COD apparently.


Not for me, no thank you.


Why tho?

Cuz they are COD…

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Slightly off topic…
[Attention to detail]

Not saying this could be super useful but I noticed that in Campaign that the lancer had a flashlight for one of the segments but we never see that feature again. I Really don’t see the purpose of this for verses or horde but I think small changes like this wouldn’t hurt.

Sorry OP, not exactly relating to the lazer sight idea but I feel like it’s not too big of a change to add and if the Coalition truly wants to drive away from Epics way of development, then this would be a good start


Another thread that makes me question my existence.

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You may need a therapist…

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I’d love it if they dumped the barrel fire altogether. I like the concept but the way TC executed it is poor. The things that cause your gun to shoot crooked (taking fire, movement) make it feel so inconsistent. I really think 80% of “eating” is just people not noticing how wonky the barrel fire is in this game. Center screen leaves no questions.

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You really are the biggest troll here on the forums. Every post you make spews nonsense

That’s my role bro!


Why do you think call of duty? Its a tool that has been on guns long before video games existed, who cares what other games ots been on, there a bunch more than just call of duty, because its a real thing that is actually helpful,

I think a proper ‘forced’ tutorial along with very customizable offline play with advanced AI would do better than laser sights on the guns.

Freeplay modes in offline mode in which you can have stationary or real targets around covers and practice to your hearts content.

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I dunno, it reeks too much of COD, just too Call of Duty-ish.
I’m sorry, I just can’t do that

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I wouldn’t mind if they did it in a separate mode against bots but never against real players. It would give those who use it an unfair advantage over people who wouldn’t use it.

I would have disagreed up until recently. Maybe Judgment had it right though.

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