How would mid-match team shuffling affect GoW?

I know I’m not the most competent player in the world, but I was def in some KoTH matches and TDM where our team was brutally murdered for both rounds that we didn’t even stand a chance.

The best ping of our team was worse than the worst ping of the opposite team and the rank, and the result definitely reflected that. The opposite team also had one gold and one silver player while everyone on our team was bronze.

It was extremely painful 20 min sessions each, and I just wanted to forfeit or quit, which I NEVER do out of principle, (and also because of the temp-ban punishment)

I remember I used to play Counter Strike Source back in like 15 years ago, And there was this one server that I used to go all the time, and they had a mechanism where they initiate team shuffling if the game was trending one-sided. (They would also initiate it the shuffling after a certain number of cumulative kills overall by everyone in the match)

So based on individual’s performance, during the match, say ranked from 1-8
They’d put

Team A gets player 1, 4,5,8
Team B gets player 2,3,6,7

And the game was never tilted to one side, And they mitigated the ‘quitter’ problems easily by doing this.

But the downside was that they rewarded very little for the winning ‘team’ at the end, because obviously the the someone who led the team’s victory could’ve been moved to the other team. But the individual performance was rewarded with larger points.

So in gears term, GP would be pointed based on individual performance and the team’s victory would give you only a tiny little boost.

Would this mechanic work? I wonder how devs think about this.


I just wanna hear why it would or wouldn’t work from more competent players like you all.

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