How will/should the map builder function for versus?

I have a serious question for anyone who actually pays attention to what the devs talk about anymore, what will the map builder include and what do you want it to include? Personally if the map builder for versus/horde is anything like escape i will be very disappointed. For players to really create a lasting experience Microsoft has to make this game open source to PC (like csgo), Considering how the entire game is encrypted on PC i highly doubt that is going to happen, that being said i would like to recreate old maps from previous titles and see players create whole new maps that really add to the game because most of us know Rod will keep pumping out updates until he makes a good portion of people happy as they did with four. Now im not saying anything about the game itself in this because honestly its got a lot of issues, Im worried about when those things are fixed can the community make a lasting experience without being drown in micro-transactions?

So what i believe is going to happen in the next upcoming months is the coalition is going to release the ‘escape’ map builder for versus with slight changes. If that is the case and i cant edit tiles im going to be disappointed because i don’t think it will leave the community with any creative freedom and will result in a slew of garbage maps like the free for all maps that were released. Lets be honest we all know they threw those together reusing tiles that were pre-made.

Now here are the things i consider to be essential to what will make or break this map builder.

  1. Multiple sized tiles and cover pieces.
  2. Destroyed Vehicles buildings and walls of various shapes.
  3. Raise tilt and lower tiles and items
  4. Add rings, spawns and guns wherever you want
  5. No build limit
  6. Change the theme of the map cover or tiles
  7. Multiple sky-boxes
  8. Allow characters to take cover and move on multiple objects
  9. Frustration free play testing

Personally all i want it the ability to recreate old maps and play them with friends and perhaps even have a hub like halo does for content, Even if they just released part of the dev kit players would be able to make tons of content. For example it would allow those experienced with unreal engine to edit weapon damage values and possibly create alternate maps, skins, characters, and tunings. If you’re not familiar look at the “steam workshop”. Unfortunately knowing the track record of the devs recently im not sure if any of this is possible and i think it would be much easier for them to release the entire dev kit to the PC community.

i actually want this to happen. rod said two things in the past, 1. you would be able to make maps for versus. 2. if you didnt get a chance to complete a previous tour of duty, but no, none of that happened. very great idea though.

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Finally someone responds lol, im also very late. Since most of the devs left and half the community left it seems they are finally starting to listen to the playerbase with this most recent update. @the-coalition