How to win Chainsaw battles 95% of the time

Don’t know if this has been posted before but here you go for all your chainsaw wh0ring pleasure…

  1. Press pause and go to Options
  2. Click on controller
  3. Go to ‘Button Tap Challenges’
  4. Change it to Press & Hold (Not Quick Taps)
  5. Now find that poor nub who keeps chainsawing because he can’t aim and use the lancer properly, tempt him with 1v1 emote
  6. Rev the chainsaw and just hold down B
  7. Saw him in half, do the teabagging dance victory
  8. Hunt down him, rinse & repeat until rage is induced
  9. Use the crying emote on him
  10. Your welcome baby

Credit goes to Tekasnitch 6ix9ine for the share


LMAO that’s such a stupid and easy abuse. Idk how they didn’t think of this when adding the option to “press & hold” buttons.

I believe this is a second ‘bug’ you posted, liked the flashbang one too :wink:


The flashbang glitch only worked for me once out of a few tries. Some people said it worked more for them, some said it didn’t work at all. Probably also had to do with how much lag there is too, just like some people have the red omen damage indicator stuck on their screen and can’t move either.

But yeah this one TC didn’t think through. But on the other hand I very rarely see people using chainsaw so this isn’t game-breaking or anything. I’d only use this if I see someone trying to chainsaw the entire game and this would be great to get them to chill tf out lol.

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I wonder how it would determine the victor if both players had the “press and hold” option enabled. Perhaps 50/50 chance.

Well, after posting and sharing this, I’m pretty sure we’ll find that out very soon! :rofl: