How to win any Horde

An exaggerated short version but to win basically any horde, your group have:

  • Mechanic
  • Demolition
  • Depositer for fortifications and Demolition Booms and GLs
  • Depositer for fortifications and Demolition Booms and GLs
  • Depositer for fortifications and Demolition Booms and GLs

This set up seem to guarantee more average victories than any random group of one-man army’s.

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It sure is an exaggerated version. Back when GL-spam was a thing and only engineer could build, sure. But now you can definitely do horde, even on master, without either engineer, demolitions, Jack, tacticians or whatever.


I really do miss Horde 3.0 which required you to have 2 supports but 4.0 broke away from that which turned out for the better I guess. People love current horde so I guess its just a sense of adapting

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I had no issues with the initial horde of Gears 5 except for the lack of classes and unbalanced skills.
I did not mind the harder enemies, the lack of power and lack of ammo and the fact that only engineer could build. It was a matter of adapting but a majority of the players were not prepared to do that.


Just play with a team that can communicate through mic and work together as a team. Regardless what set up it is.

Don’t play with team of unga bunga (randoms).

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What is this, Oct 2019?

Is this news to anyone?


Everyone has a good point here, and yes this is mostly for unga bunga (randoms) as BriiduerAlloy75 calls them lol - those level 3s using the wrong weapons and doesn’t deposit and buys centries/decoys in daily inconceivable, in hopes that they see this and improve their knowledge of team mechanics.

Experienced players and good communication - yes any class works, hell, even done 4 jacks and a striker.

Unfortunately the extreme majority of those noobs you’re talking about that don’t have any idea about how to play properly will not be looking at these forums to learn your wisdom. That would be neat though, huh.

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