How to upgrade your Horde classes the fastest?

Anyone has advice how to upgrade your Horde classes the fastest?


Use the search function, im sure its been discussed before.


If you’re new to the game, welcome.

Try and ignore the sarcastic “vets” or whatever they think of themselves.

Horde frenzy on overload is a fairly balanced way to level cards and xp. You don’t really want to be max class level with no cards. There should be plenty of lobbies.

You could also try a method where you run on the escape map “the surge”.

I’m on most evenings form 7pm UK time. Add me if you want me to show you the surge.

As some else helpfully pointed out. Have a search of the forum for more tips.


Play more. :grin:

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Insane surge runs on escape or master clock runs. There are loads of lobbies that do runs daily.

Playing the dailies with the CXP and running overload 50 and frenzies are fairly quick enough.


Sarcasm? Moi? Never!

Anyhoo there’s also the Clock method which is probably the quickest method for CXP at the expense of Cards.

The method is to start it on Master and, granted that you have the Reject/Juvie enemy set (return to lobby if not), just sprint right to the safe room and restart WITHOUT closing the doors. Repeat this until however you want. If you’re quick enough then each run will be one minute. You’ll get roughly 19k CXP for 10 runs.

It’s very efficient with the new permanent boost but like I said, you get no card progress which is a major con if you actually want to enjoy the class.

Well, I’m usually the one being sarcastic and short tempered to be fair…

Got a baby coming any day now so in a particularly good mood.

Just no more posts about gears turning off consoles!


Idk the exact math on it (as in class xp earned per hour) but you can load up The Surge in Escape and turn every modifier on besides More Lethal and More Scions then just run past everything. You could also play The Clock on Master and take the right safe room which takes a little bit longer but gives more cxp and better cards. I prefer The Clock method because you get class xp and also get higher quality cards from completing it. Theres always lobbies for both of these methods in the lobby browser or you can host your own, the lobby will fill up fast because there’s always people looking to level up.

If youre looking to just solely level up classes fast then I would recommend to stay away from horde because its too time consuming, the xp payout isn’t good and takes longer to get a game going because there’s 5 people instead of just 3.

thank you, i will try the surge runs with a friend that never played gears before.
I looked it up, seems pretty easy to level up a bit, then do some horde frenzy.
thank you so much.

Bear in mind you also don’t have to do these speedrun farm methods on insane or master initially. You can obviously do it on lower difficulties to get acclimatised first and then move up the difficulties after a few goes as you get used to it.

For The Surge, just equip any skills which buff damage resistance and/or health (if any) EXCEPT the ones which are venom-based (venom is irrelevant as you’ll be running far ahead of it).

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Congratulations! Good bye glorious free time :joy:.

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Yikes bye bye sleep too! Lol my wife and I are childfree, Gears is enough hard work. Ha ha

My method of fast leveling isn’t repeatable for 99% of gamers I would think. I used my wife’s account on Escape to solo Detour, I found that by far the easiest and fastest Hive, usually on Insane for 4 cards, sometimes Inconceivable, and I put my own account in that lobby as whatever class I wanted cards for and, yes, also leveling. I didn’t play Architect until he was like level 17 or something, same with some other classes I power leveled to 10 or 12 then played advanced horde from there.

The two account method is one reason I was able to max cards relatively quickly across most classes, but it’s a poor way to farm yellows (unreliable), you’ll get a few here and there but it’s mainly fantastic at maxing blues, good at getting purples up there too. I haven’t checked in a while but I ran Detour so much I was and probably still am #1 in the world for most runs. It was boring, often yes, but I almost always had a podcast on or was otherwise listening to something.

The decent is very easy and fast with a good nomad, just fear everything and execute what is required to get the ult back, rinse and repeat.

if you look under custom lobbies you will see a bunch for overload on master 1 to 50, hop in and ask the host. two DPS classes can clean sweep that map leaving two places after the engineer that will struggle to get kills but are needed for reviving and energy.
Once a guy offered to stay in base and grab taps if we let him run his level 1 mechanic and we let him join and i think 3 1 to 50’s is all it took to hit 20.

I’ve got a 7 year old who shares the Xbox with me to play Minecraft (although he’s now partial to a bit of beast mode on gears 3 :sweat_smile:.

Yeah, at least I’ve managed to “complete” gears 5 (apart from broken and stupid last 3 versus achievements), as I will hardly be playing until gears 6 comes out.

20 days! Nice one. I’ve almost forgotten what’s it’s like having a baby around.

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