How to unlock totems?

It is completing the other challenges and once the challenges are completed, is the totem unlocked or how is it done?

You have to go under the totems menu and build it for 100 scrap for that character and equip it. Make sure you hold X and not A or else you will buy said character with Iron. Remember, hold X. (Not being sarcastic or assinine, it has been a bit of a wierd thing going on.)


So … Should I necessarily spend 100 scrap just to start unlocking a character? Hahahahaha this is a serious joke? So if you don’t have scrap directly you can’t get the characters?

Yes, if you’re willing to spend money. Scrap is the currency you get from duplicate items from supply drops. 100 scrap builds the totem so you can equip it to start your missions for said character. I have no idea what 500 iron is in dollars since I avoid that menu like the plague. I refuse to put down money for something that can be earned. However, that’s completely up to you.

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You can of course.just pay monies :wink:

Also just in case people are unaware, if you have the token option on, it disables your dailies and vice versa…as I found out today. It was probably known, but not by me.

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Really? I wonder if that’s a glitch…

But are you aware that getting 100 scrap metal takes a long time? This is a big problem, imagine that you do not have anything scrap, guess the time it takes to get 100 scrap … If it were only to complete the challenges I would see it well but spend 100 of scrap mandatory I see something absurd and something that only you encourages you to spend money, something that I see fatal by TC since this is not a Free to play, we have already paid enough for the game, no more.

Actually no it doesn’t. I managed to get 800 scrap from playing Escape for a couple hours while trying to get the Juvie Hunter medal.

Edit: I didn’t spend 2 hours soley on the medal itself though.

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So the best way to get junk is to play escape? Because with all the time I’ve played in Gears 5 I’ve had 500 scrap metal … And I’ve been since the day of departure.

You must have terrible luck then. Most people I know that have been playing since launch are sitting on piles of scrap.

It’s more of a problem in horde because I don’t always earn that much but saying that I haven’t been able to complete 50 waves because of server issues and people quitting. I should try an LFG group as people recommend all the time.

Sometimes all I get is a bunch of 5 scraps but sometimes I get a 150. Good luck however you do it. For escape I played solo on beginner on The Hive map but also did speed runs on The Surge.

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Well, tell me your advice to get scrap because I don’t lie.

You get it from playing the game. Supply drops are awarded and if you already have the content the game gives you scrap based on what was selected.

Are you sure you aren’t confusing Scrap and iron?

Edit: Just finished my match and got awarded 150 scrap


Yeah that’s from you being awarded an Epic (purple) item that you already have that got auto scrapped. I’m usually hitting +5 each match from being awarded a duplicate green.


Normally I get 5’s as they are super common, was quite lucky on that one :slight_smile:

I purchased the cog gear totem last night and it has disappeared along with the scrap used to craft it? Do they only last a few hours?

I got a 600 scrap dupe the other day, I’ll gladly take more of those

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In what way did you finish the game? Because I play confrontation but if they give me scrap it is 5, do you know if playing horde or escape in higher difficulties give you more scrap or is it just luck?

Sometimes I finish a game and the supply bar does not fill up xd

Its luck as to what you unlock, but the drops themselves are based on time spent playing.

I don’t know if different modes drop it at different rates, but i was udner the impression its based solely on time spent.

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Be careful. Pick a totem and your weapons skins will disappear even with totem switched off. Your expressions wont work either