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How to unlock characters?


I read that to unlock characters I must craft the totem and equip it and do challenges
but how to craft the totem if I dont have the materials?
do I get materials from playing any mode?
do I have to buy the materials through microtransactions?


You get scrap from just playing any mode and from daily supply drops

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You get Supply Drops as you play the game. These items are random and aren’t scrapable manually but if you get a duplicate then it’s automatically scrapped.

You can’t buy Scrap and there’s no other way of acquiring it.

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On the menu screen you see two icons and numbers on the top right. Those are scrap that you get just by playing the game (play enough and you get a drop pack which translates into a card. If you don’t have it you keep it but otherwise the system will scrap duplicates: 5 for greens, 20 blue, 150 purple and 600 yellows).

The other icon is iron which you get by either buying it or getting a little from rewards in the Tour of Duty.

Emphasis on “Little”. Lol (even though it is not funny)

Yeah, in the “old prices” little means a mark and that’s it, now you can get a simple character like the Corpse Gear which looks great by the way.

When you play horde or escape you earn scrap by unlocking duplicate items. Use the scrap to buy the totem. Then press Y on the pad and it will tell you the tasks you need to do.