How to unlock campaign skins?

How do you unlock the campaign skins for multiplayer? You can’t craft them with iron and they don’t appear on ToD anymore.

You missed the boat. They were unlockable in Tour Of Duty 1 which ended in early December.

They may become available in some form in the future, but I doubt it will be for a while.

■■■■. That’s so ■■■■.

People have said since launch it was stupid the Campaign skins were only available in the Tour. But TC kept them locked to it anyway. I suspect they were just in it cause TC needed some filler content after someone or something had them rush the game out early.

You’d think that they’d at least sell them in the store for real money but I guess not. TC decision making never ceases to baffle me.

They should give us TOD 1 Players Get Collector’s Variants of the campaign armor and let the campaign armor be unlockable from the get go.

Is it just an excuse for me to get two other Kait skins ?

Yeah, but think about the people who didn’t play tod 1

I’ve suggested several times TC could make an easy variant of the Campaign characters’ Desert skins by removing the goggles. It would seem so simple because they literally exist within the Campaign already whenever you enter an indoors area, where you get the Desert models without goggles on(except Fahz since he always wears his).

The whole thing with locking stuff behind the previous tours is stupid.
They are actively punishing anyone that gets the game late by making loads of content unreachable for them.
Pay the same for less!

I didn’t get into multiplayer until recently when tour 3 had started, so lots of stuff I’ll never be able to get it seems…

And what’s worse is that they skins aren’t tied to skill or any rank, just time. Sink enough time into the game and you get them. I could understand if it had been locked to say winners in ranked for a season. But this is just silly and illogical.

I think most of us would have much prefered unlockable rewards that are not time-limited. I’m surprised that GOW5 doesn’t really have any at all aside from the Supply Drops. Pre-GOW4 games all had them linked to achievements. I had hoped that GOW5 would have a mixed system but TC decided against.

Just to add though, that GOW4 was basically the same in a way - the Gear Packs were only available for limited periods and although many were re-released at various points, it’s still essentially time-limited (until they were made craftable). GOW5 does the same thing but in a different format. Maybe they will make older TOD rewards available again somehow in the future.