How to Survive as Kait

Kait seems to be a strong character, but how are you supposed to push out from the base with shotguns and not get killed as am not aware of a great tank build for her.
For example on Harbour where should she ideally be if the vase is back at the spawn spot?

There isn’t really a tank-build for Kait in GOW5. Scouts tend to be quite different to what they were in GOW4 (Lahni can be tanky, but only in Escape due to her venom cards).

The nearest Kait comes to being a tank, is to use her stim cards like Stim Batteries and Reaper.

On harder difficulties the stim doesn’t last long at all. The enemy deals so much damage that they can take it away in seconds.

Kait is more of a damage dealer nowadays who specialises in shotguns. I personally run:

Reaper (gives stim for each execution)
Chain (kills while cloaked extends Cloak)
Blood Resonance (more damage to bleeding enemies)
Laceration (causes bleed)
Cloak Batteries (extends Cloak)

I find this set-up works well on all difficulties. You still need to be cautious as the stim doesn’t take much damage on higher difficulties.

As a result, on higher difficulties I wouldn’t recommend leaving the base unless you’re cloaked. Ultimate abilities recharge faster based on damage done, so if you are constantly hurting the enemy then you can get your Cloak back quick. On Inconceivable or Master I tend to get the Cloak 9 waves out of every 10.

If you use the Overkill and slow your shots down by holding the trigger (instead of pressing the trigger), you focus and tighten the spread of the pellets so it does more damage and is more effective at longer ranges.

Alternatively if you stay in the base near to JACK, they can buff your health with their healing beam. JACK and Kait synygise really well together.

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Scouts should have a better camo ability, like if they stand still in cover for 1 second it activates, and lasts 2-3 seconds once they start moving again. Doesn’t work if they are the sole survivor.

Or something similar that allows them to move around instead of hiding in the base.

Would also like to see tanks actually being able to tank stuff, like more then two-three bullets from a claw…

You mean like Clayton’s ability?

Don’t know much about Clayton as I haven’t played him, do you mean his shield?
I’m meaning something more consistent, right now a character designated as a tank and one designated as a scout has about the same health. Not sure about exact numbers, but both will go down roughly the same time if being fired upon.
A tank one might be able to take another bullet from an elite drone…

On the topic of tanks, would like to see a return of the Boom Shield or something similar :slight_smile:
Would be nice together with the taunt abilities that some characters has.

Yeah the designated roles are very vague and alot of them don’t even begin to describe that character even closely. As you say, Clayton is supposedly a "tank"n but he isn’t really. He has some defence cards for heavy weapons and explosives but on harder difficulties they don’t make much difference. He has other cards which make him invincible for short periods but aside from that they and re very situation.

I liken Clayton to being a support really. His Concussion Explosives can stun lock groups of enemies which helps your team out offensively; while he also has some defensive support abilities too.

Cloak batteries and golden card.

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Cog gear is the only one with Tank defence cards, that is if you completely upgrade them…

Cole also has some decent defence cards.

I think the point being made is that “tank” characters don’t tend to be that “tanky”. Cole is “offence” and COG Gear is “support”. But as I’ve said many times, the role descriptions for many characters are very vague. Players shouldn’t put much emphasis on them and should look at their individual merits separately.

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The only remote “tank” of the bunch is Lizzie if the Stim is kept up which isn’t 100% reliable without a fast firing, accurate weapon. Or grenades(Shocks and Incendiaries). And the Silverback if you count that as well(although it is questionable what TC is thinking with it when all it takes is two Drone Elites to fire at it for five seconds and it’s gone, but then it’s established they are the single handedly most ridiculous enemy in this game…).

Cole seems to be tankiest so far, only Lahni really gets close to that but also has to rely on venom and/or bleeding for that, so not perfect. Meanwhile Cole gets free damage reduction if he doesn’t use hit ult, while running about and also 60% melee damage reduction(which I find a bit cheesy since it removes any care the player has to pay towards enemy melee attacks when it is combined with Inner Fire).

Doesn’t even begin covering what you said, and how “tank” is a largely meaningless role anyway because it doesn’t seem to matter the amount of damage reduction, you still get put in the ground in seconds by nearly everything.

I’ve had most succes with Kait as “corner camper” on incon and master. I run Cloak Batteries, Chain, Overkill Ammo, Shotgun Bleed + Shotgun damage when bleeding. So on Harbor there is a little corner just near the stairs. That’s my Kait spot. On Forge I stand behind the front wall. You have to be aware of explosive weapons, which will kill you. If there are explosive weapon enemies you move back to the rest of the team. I also found that while camping the corners you shouldn’t use cover. peeking around makes me take less damage and land more of my shots. So if you have any FPS experience (like CS:GO), use that! Sidenote: use the Overkill. I only use the Gnasher in the beginning rounds, to not waste time reloading or when I’m overrun. In addition, hitting enemies with shotguns can also stun/stagger them, that time you can use to get more bleeding on them.

When there is a wave with a big amount of drones (not robots), you can clear the whole wave of them with max cards and perhaps a speed perk or two. I usually wait with my ultimate when there is such a wave (especially important on wave X7, X8, X9 and Boss). I found that using the ultimate this way makes waves incredibly easy if the rest of your team is decent and can deal with big threats like multiple Scions, Guardians or even bosses. Getting rid of those elite drones, snipers and hunters makes it so your team can focus on the other threats.

TLDR surviving as Kait: Use corners and peek and take note of the shotgun stagger/stun when engaging enemies.

If you have good Jack in the game then you don’t have to worry about Kait’s health. Jack can keep you healed throughout out the game. But saying that… Good luck to find a random Jack though, unless you are playing with a team.

They nerfed her shotgun and overkill damage impacts, given it dramatic penalties each yard from the opponent and made her damage per packet and reduce her critical damage and chance, Well people were complaining her back in tour 1 and 2 so they gimped her range/damage in tour 3. They bugged her executions also so she doesn’t auto latch and execute enemies as swiftly. I mean if you main Kait from the start she is by far trash compared to her former self. One shot on mobs are now 2-3. 1-2 shots on Scions or DR1 's can range from 3-5. It’s like the bleed damage and damage bonus cards are bugged after season 3 or they secretly reduce her bleed math and bonus and not bother showing it on updates. You never need to tank if your opponent is dead.

You don´t use execute as Kait, you grab them and then immediately release them (you “body” them). This only works on drones/imagos. Kicking leeches also increases stealth duration with the Chain card.

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