How to stop being on American servers?

Is there a way that the matchmaking doesn’t choose US servers?
By blocking their IP address?
Because even by selecting a matchmaking with the lowest ping, I am still connected to American servers.

The lower ping/faster matches only works for your connection mate. So long as your on lowest ping you will always get the better connection. Americans with faster matches selected will join you.

In my experience so long as I got the better ping, 99% of the matches I play are as good as they can be as the games play out on the server and you are getting a better connection to it.

Lag compensation can sometimes be a bit of a swine but that tends to be when in close combat faster fights. I’d search the forums for that one.

Good luck on your endeavours trying to block the ip address of everyone in America :grinning:

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Thank you because I’m fed up with making spongy shots or my opponent shooting me in the next second when I pull the trigger and it happens too often when I’m on American servers with pings greater than 100.
Also, I have the impression that the Americans never sleep : There is no time slot without connection to American servers.

Some people breathing, eating and drinking Gears 5 all day everyday. :grin:


You’ll be waiting years for games if you wanna do that

I’m trying to play guardian in the U.K. atm and it’s failing hard

Well, I have found a time slot that gives me more chances of being connected to a European server … but strangely, today, I often had movement or teleportation lags although it there wasn’t a lot of ping gap between each one.
Anyway now I block all those who kill too easily or who move abnormally with high speed