How to set a gun as your primary weapon

I’ve been trying to figure out for the past two days on how to set a specific gun to your load out. If anyone can tell me how to do that I’d really appreciate it.

When in a game, you can swap guns by pressing Y to use enforcer instead of gnasher (I don’t know if you can trade a lancer for an enforcer).
But anyway I recommend you to play with the holy triforce : lancer, gnasher, pistol.

Every other weapons are power weapons, it means you have to pick those up on key points.

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So you can’t set the long shot as a primary weapon?

Of course you can. I start every match with a fully loaded Dropshot and Boomshot with 4 Frags and a Boltok.


How can set the long shot as my primary weapon to replace the lancer or the enforcer ?

You press the home button and then press left on the DPad and then the left trigger twice. Easy peasy.

It doesn’t appear for you? That’s weird. Guess its just a bug. Try restarting your game.


Ya bro I don’t have anything that pops up saying set as primary

Are you able to trade your snub for a boltok?

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Is this serious??? Or just trolling???

Wow. That is really weird.
Contact Microsoft maybe?

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Why do you think you can set the Longshot as a primary weapon??

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Normally you would go to customizations right ?

Yeah. Try making the Dropshot as your primary

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Idk I thought you could this is only me second day of having this game.

We are trolling you fam

You cannot make the Longshot a primary. Only the Lancer and Gnasher

Ok. So this is the way the game works. Everyone starts with the same setup. Any power weapon you want you must fight for it

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