How to reward & motivate people to play Gears 6

If you need dresses to be motivated to play a video game…

Actually I better stop. There is nothing further I can say on this that couldn’t be ban worthy haha.

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Gears 5 campaign is a step in the right direction.
Campaign + modifiers + skins + NG+ was a done deal.

For multiplayer, challenges and rewards of course just like Siege, Warframe and any other modern game - BUT keep making content. DO NOT recycle old stuff that was honoured and just give it away for coins.

If rewards and purchases are more fomo then there is more incentive. Please keep it consistent.

More regular themed events for pve + vs would be good too.

Escape died cause the rewards stopped. They need to be consistent with this during the games lifespan.

I still think they need to bridge the gap between pve and pvp players with something asymmetrical like overrun, or invasion from halo reach.

When it comes to skins, I would like actual exclusive, non time-based rewards. Something to show off what you’ve achieved, but aren’t forced to play within a specific time frame to unlock.

Whatever keeps players around is going to have to come from the gameplay side. Releasing the same stale versus and boring game modes will only ensure the franchise dies.

Gears pvp needs to innovate the way that pve actually did.

This would be fine, as long as I can still play my classic versus, gears continues to keep me hooked for a reason and it’s the multiplayer.

A separate playlist would be able to solve my dilemma.

I’m all for change ofc but it’s what I enjoy most and it would definitely cause some chaos if it wasnt in 6 lol.

It died because support stopped.


I understand that a lot of folks have a hunger for the classic gears experience, but it doesn’t have a very broad appeal.

A friend of mine said that gears plays like a crappy fighting game, and I agree.

I don’t necessarily care if gears 6 has some tdm, control etc., but I don’t think that should be the focus. There’s a good foundation here, but nothing is being done with it.

I think you underestimate how many people like versus, granted the community is small but that’s still a big chunk of people.

As long as we have the bare essentials I’m chilling. I just want my guardian, control, gridiron, a decent comp (gears 4 ranked system), and a good tuning. I don’t think I’m asking for much lmao.

Well, you said it yourself, the community is small.

I’m not bothered if the classic stuff is present, but prioritizing it will ensure the franchise fades away.

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no. the rewards stopped.
what support you want? infinite hives people are likely to forget how to play?

More maps :unamused:

Ok and? You act like randoms are a negative point of getting new maps. I could just play with my friends…

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There’s at least 50 good or at least interesting custom hives. But no carrot to chase so obviously no one plays them.


Completely agree with @grey_mineman that the escape community got low when they stopped making maps. I don’t think rewards had much to do with it @Looopeeeeeee. When a new map was released there were consistently 40k individual users making at least one completion on the map.

The escape community was really there for the new challenge and even the Top 1% bragging rights. The rewards (skins) probably did help *somewhat as @HerrKatzchen said, but they were really lame and underwhelming.

If someone from the community made challenging maps every 1-2 weeks when TC support stopped, and if there was a forum on here to promote those maps, there would have probably been enough momentum and word of mouth to keep interest high.

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I was referring to cards and XP. Custom hives provide none of that and in most cases require prior knowledge of tiles and good understanding of classes/synergy.

We have a thread where people occassionally posted. There are some people who created about 30-40 hives with most being really good.
It would have been up to TC to actually promote these to the masses though - and the one time they “tried” it was swept under the rug. Was supposed to be a Halloween 2019 event.

And the entire menu of the map builder being an absolute mess and pain to naviaget don’t help either.

I understand that they won’t launch Gears 6 with all the content we got in 5, its the way online games are designed to resell you the same thing again and again toward every installements, but i do hope Gears 6 does not release barebone like 5 did with so few skins. I hope its at least GOW3 level and gives us all the characters and skins that are in the campaign this time. For instance Winter Kait should had been unlocked for MP when you finish the act that use this costume… stuff like that.