How to reward & motivate people to play Gears 6

Ever since I believe Gears 2, there has been a specific limited reward for players when playing the game. A lot of these rewards were from purchasing a special edition (like the Golden Lancer in Gears 2, Adam Fenix in Gears 3) or buying it from a specific store (Commando Dom, Savage Kantus in Gears 3). But there have also been non-paying options to reward players, such as playing in a beta (Thrashball Cole in Gears 3, Vintage Kait in Gears 4, weapon skins for Gears 5) but also for playing the previous game (the Gilded skins and a Lancer execution from Gears 4).*

I liked the idea in Gears 4, where to motivate people specific events were organised to earn those skins which are playable in the next instalment, Gears 5. The weapon skins and the execution were quite neat, I’ve used them both for a very long time and have seen people using them for a long time. But unfortunately, the character skins were a bit less. While well designed, walking around with such shiny armour doesn’t really feel well on the battlefield and soon these skins became a rarity to see in the game.

So, how about something similar to motivate people to play Gears 6, but without something like Gilded skins? With actual unique skins, preferably of characters that would be unplayable for some time until they’re released? This was similar with Gilded RAAM, who was for (a short) time the only RAAM skin in the game. But what if they’re character skins that are lower on the list of being released and are more story related? With story related, I mean skins that, even if they haven’t featured before, would fit in a specific moment of the lore. Of course, some older or previously seen/released skins could be included. I’ll give some ideas:

  • Stranded Bernie (from the time she was roaming around, trying to connect with the COG again)
  • Stranded Barrick (before he joined the COG)
  • Recruit Alicia
  • Armored Oscar (from when he was still in the COG)
  • Gorasni UIR male/female
  • Pendulum War Dom (non-commando outfit)
  • Academy Kim
  • Pendulum War Sam
  • Lieutenant Anya (her Gears 2 outfit)
  • Lt. Colonel Gabe
  • Private Sid
  • Pendulum War Tai
  • Merchant navy Dizzy (Gears 4)
  • Academic Mikayla
  • Armored Tak
  • Sgt. Hoffman
  • Private Prescott (when he was ‘doing’ fighting for a short period of time)
  • Armored Hana

There are of course some limits, such as that a unique skin cannot be the standard outfit or fit a specific theme. Such as the Hivebuster skins: otherwise, it would exclude people from collecting that theme for all characters. None of these skins need to be released in Gears 5: it would require development time for something specific that won’t be used for long. All possible skins can be reserved for Gears 6, giving a lot more time to create such skins (because let’s be fair: It will likely take at least 2 years before Gears 6 arrives). And while you’re at it, why try limiting yourself to previously released characters? With Kait and Alicia having the same VA, why not use her to bring Alex Brand to Gears 6, in for example a ‘Armored Brand’ skin? See if it’s possible to bring in others, like Sofia and Ezra? Or lore characters that haven’t been featured in the games before, like Helena Stroud or Carlos Santiago?

This could be used as a last goodbye to Gears 5 and a nice introduction into Gears 6. Since it has been one heck of a ride and with a lot of people being so patient during its lifecycle, it would be a good and proper way to finish Gears 5 and launch Gears 6.

*Do take note that not all skins are mentioned, I just noted some examples.


motivate people to play Gears 6

Maybe make sure the game works for once and don’t release patches that fix nothing, but keep breaking stuff. That would be a step forward. Also, no nerfs when there’s dozens of gamebreaking bugs left in the game for all eternity.


I’m motivated to play gears 6 if the game at launch has enough content, enjoyable, and playable.

Those skins are great and all and would be nice to have for gears 6 but I can do without them.


A road to Gears 6 to unlock some cool content in the new game.

Tested and happy with the game before release.

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I fully anticipate to wait on playing GoW6.

Rewards won’t motivate me to play. A demo and LEGITIMATE beta test that demonstrates mechanics functioning as planned, servers sustaining proper functionality, and the demo of a campaign chapter or two that proves there won’t be game breaking bugs. THAT will get me to believe.

A beta within 3 months of launch will do nothing to the end product. Give us a chance to play 9 months to a full year before launch and actually fix things not just release a title that “has gone gold for launch” and fix them a year into the life cycle. (cough Gears 5 cough)

The main reason I play games the first few days is to play the campaign. If a title has coop, I campaign with friends and enjoy the story, If your game requires online servers to even play coop with a friend, you better make damn sure it works and when it does work we can actually progress through that campaign. If you can’t get scripted things in campaign to work, how can we assume vs/horde/etc. with more players and variables will work any smoother?

Believe it or not, if Halo Infinite release goes well it would influence me to want to play GoW6 closer to release. If Halo’s launch works as intended it might actually mean MS learns something about the time it takes to develop a game and they don’t breathe down TC’s necks to launch the next game well before it should be released.


I would want it to be given to someone else. TC has done some great things and Horde is really fun now. But it could have been so much more. The delays in updates and notifications was terrible.

Took them 2 years to get the game in a ready state after release. So if we go by that logic, then it would be best to get Gears 6 two years after release if TC keeps the title.

Well that’s my opinion anyway.



And not make achievement as “do 100.000 kills in battle / 50.000 assist”
We had a 100.000kills in gears 3 in ALL modes combined and was already a MESS to get !!!


Completely agree bro

TC should reward players who played previous campaigns as well as 6’s campaign.
If the Road to Gears 6 challenges are unique skins then it should be early access.


Gears 6 needs to be great from day 1, no arcade mode, 1 weapon tuning across all mp and please don’t try reinventing the wheel on this front, so much work went into the tuning of G4 only to end up with the hot mess that was G5 at launch.

I think pruning a few game modes wouldn’t got a miss either, can bring them back for weekly/weekend events but it’s hard to get decent matches when a game has 5 modes let alone 10,

I’m not really onto the whole skins meta that’s saturated into every game these days but if they have to be in the game then they should be tied to ingame progression, keep ya Esports stuff for those that want to support thier team but do we really need all these cross over characters? I think they just cheapen the Gears universe personally.

Ps. Bring the Locust back as the main antagonists.

what did arcade mode do to you?

They are dead… no need to pull a TROS again, oh wait. they already did with Myrrah :persevere:

The swarm just need to be made intimidating and interesting. no need to resort to nostalgia to please people.

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I just didn’t see the point in it, Gears has been edging towards the “pro” scene since 4 and it just didn’t fit into that meta imo, it felt like a poor attempt to capture the casual market,

Maybe you’re right, I don’t really have an issue with the Swarm but I really detest the DB’s, Guardians ECT, I like my violence organic not robotic :sunglasses: ofc this is just my opinion

its for people who dont like the typical loadout set that gears has been known for. I can understand the appeal even though Im a big fan of how traditional versus is. and not everything should fit into the pro meta either, I like playing competitive but not everything should be played as if moneys on the line, some modes can just be chill too.

they tried creating something for people who want to play pvp but dont need to rely on using the gnasher for most of their battles.

I like that TC is trying new things.

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Yeah I mean its cool from that perspective but I feel nailing the core game should of been prio not creating more un needed game modes but this comes from someone that hated the introduction of TDM,

Gears to me is Guardian, KotH/Control, Execution maybe if we had fewer core modes the player pool would sustain better and lead to smaller ping variables, again opinions eh

I can see where youre coming from but I still firmly believe that modes like that exist to please people who dont like traditional gears. In fact, alot of pve fans dont like pvp due to how gnasher centric the game is.

I love gears for that, because it feels so unique. but modes like that exist for a reason, it had a decent amount of people playing it so I hope it returns in 6.

all fun modes but I also like dodgeball and gridiron, I wish they would make it into comp, id even take CTF.

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I know what you mean but I feel chasing after people that arnt really into the Gears PvP instead of staying loyal to the integrity of the game that made the game into a viable franchise is where ips go wrong these days.

Either way I’ve enjoyed our back n forth dude, I have to go afk for a bit, take it easy.

its one mode though lol. compared to the other modes we have, I think thats a bit drastic to say they arent staying loyal considering gears still uses the traditonal loadout set and versus still feels like versus. not everybody likes classic versus is what im getting at, gears fans come in all shapes and sizes so im totally for them adding new things for those kinds of people.

likewise, have a good day buddy :slight_smile:

I thought about mentioning it, but left it out to prevent the topic from going off course. These ideas are of course under the assumption that the game will be in a functional state at launch. So pretty much the opposite of Gears 5.

How about just making a game people will ENJOY playing and will WANT to play, for the fun of it?

This reward based system is, IMO pure BS and just lazy development. They are bribing people to play, lol…

I loved GoW4 PvP and couldnt get enoygh of ranked KoTH and Dodgeball. Didnt need any rewards.

And there is no reward TC can ofdwr me to play ranked G5 PvP… Or Competative, whatever they call it.

Skins will not motivate me to play Gears 6 because I couldn’t care less about them. They’re literally just thrown at you in Gears 5 and 99% of them I will never ever use.

Sure the Gears 4 event-like thing to carry-over skins to Gears 5 was a nice idea and I don’t have anything against it if they wanna do it again, but I probably wont care too much about those either.

What will motivate me is content. More maps, more variety, let the community help grow it with a Forge-like mode, basically what they attempted with the map builder (which was a good idea imo).

I’m curious whether vehicles would bring a big change to the gameplay of gears…? Like actually in PvP. Combine that with a map builder similar to the Halo Forge and you’re pretty much set with people coming up with random funny modes.

Also don’t let Escape die… it was nice to have a secondary PvE mode.

EDIT: Also those Gears 5 launch issues are a death-sentence to the franchise. Don’t let that ever happen again. Losing save-files is the most horrible thing that can ever happen to a player which was most likely the main reason the playerbase dropped that hard.