How to revive gears 5

Well first hi guys and thanks for read I thinked a lot before write this but there is a list of the main things that TC had to improve if they want to recover numbers:
1 remove from the store skins that we saw previously and only sell the new ones and e sports
2.- Let us create scrap in order to acquire the other skins and horde/escape cards.
3.-forget arcade node for every character no one plays it a lot just focus on horde and escape.
4. Do a servers maintenance work
And a last tip don’t give All to your partners if they really like something of your store they will have to buy it don’t try to buy their words with gifts…
When you guys improve this you will recover lots of players


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To add to this — stop letting the game feel different in round 1 when compared to round 2 & 3. I’m tired of having everything smooth with my movement and shots registering only for the next 2 rounds to be a complete lag fest. Only in Gears does this happen and it’s time they fix it.

What the fk is that???
don’t try to buy their words with gifts???