How to restart wave in Gears 5 horde

So recently I played a few horde games (not custom), most of the times we failed a wave. And I’ve never been able to restart the wave.

In Gears of war 4, the wave was automatically restarted. Is anything changed in Gears 5 and I missed it?

It shows “Waiting for host”, but nothing happens.

If it’s intermediate you’re playing,I believe there are no restarts if you fail.

You can only retry waves on Beginner difficulty, and the host has to select to do it, AFAIK.

Okay… Thanks for the explanation.

That’s really a little unfriendly,… LOL but I can accept it🤣

Meh, it’s pretty hard to wipe on the first couple of difficulties anyway, with how generous the game is with revives and respawns.

I like the: If you wipe, you are done rule.

Reminds me of the way my friends and I played horde in Gears 3, We had friendly competition for high score on leader board for each map. When playing for high score, there is no point in continuing if you wipe, a huge portion of your score was tied to the consecutive wave bonus.

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