How to reach Diamond (1) Solo in KOTH?

Currently stuck in Onyx 2, and I’m barely moving up… (I know that the ranking system’s still broken)

Any (Solo) players out there that have any tips on moving out of Onyx in KOTH? Do I need to go for ring captures, more kills, or both? I get like 50 kills or so on a good match, and I’m only moving up like 3% or so… (Sometimes I don’t even move up at all)

Is it me, or am I just victim to the crappy ranking system? :thinking:

It seems kills matter more, this time.


As @Ektope said, kills matters more than ring captures, which in objective base mode is silly and illogical.


I have masters on 3 different accounts in koth (all solo queue). You have to outscore everyone in the server points-wise by a big margin. For example if everyone finishes the game around 5-8k points you need at least 12k or so. I think I average like 65 kills(actual kills not elims).

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Thanks everyone for the replies/help!

Going to get my grind on this weekend, although I doubt that I can make it. I only reached Diamond once in Gears 4. (Seemed like an accident)

So maybe Onyx is where I rightfully belong skill wise… :wink:

You need to win 2-0 matches with as many MVP’s as possible. Im playing solo and im at Onyx 3 17% now. Already Diamond in TDM.

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Damn, that’s going to be tough!! I honestly don’t get MVP a whole lot in Ranked… :sweat_smile:

Already happy I made it to Onyx though! :astonished:

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Its def not easy, plus you need to get some decent random teammates and that is the toughest part lol.

Just keep working on it! I couldnt get out of Silver at the start of Operation 2. Its the little things.

but everyone can cap for free.

but not everyone can kill fro free.

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always damage your opponent before going into gnasher shots/bouncing

rifle everything and mark everything

dont die dumb

understand where they will spawn and hurt them, stunting their pushing and letting your teammates or yourself kill them

understand when to push and when to sit back

dont die dumb

Thats why i dont play koth jist to warm up now. But let me tell you a story about a thing called 0 points in tdm for winning matches

Get kills(power weapon/gnasher). Minimize deaths. Grab caps.

Minimize lancering (do it, but don’t go overboard). I notice I get less skill points during games where I use my lancer more.

And when you get kills, you need to get them as fast as possible. I’ve noticed the ranking system is kinder if you get kills faster, even if you die a little more rather than camp and take your time.

Most randoms never do this. I don’t get it. It helps you keep track of your enemies movements, lets you know what weapon they’ve got out, and alerts your teammates who can assist.

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The key to reaching Diamond is to have @TC_Clown carry you. I’m not any good at Gears, but I just reached Diamond myself because @TC_Clown is just that inspiring. I’d recommend adding him to your Xbox friends list, hoping that you are one of the lucky few to actually be added back by him, and then praying that you’re fortunate enough to be able to play with him some day.


Well, that’s gotta be it! :joy:

I hit Diamond in KOTH last night Solo. I am not sure if you saw the updated ranking thread but its 80% about winning rounds now. Only 20% performance based.

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Yep, read it this morning.

Still isn’t going to be easy, but it’s better then having to get MVP during every match. Might be me, but I have the feeling that if I haven’t played for a few days/week, I rank up faster. (Only for a few matches)

But when I’ve played a few in a row, I keep getting stuck again…

Well, I’ll play some tonight and tomorrow to see how it goes…

#Sweat_mode_on :sweat_smile:

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You have no idea how hard im laughing right now

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Well a diamond player usually averages this stat per round

25-27 eliminations,
12-14 downs
7-9 captures
4-6 breaks
The score per minute should be 480-520 as well for a diamond player