How to re-up a guest or secondary account

My daughter has reached level 100 and is excited to re-up for her first time. How can she re-up? I use game pass so I think I’m required to be first player and can’t figure out how to get her account to re-up. Please help!

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Log out, sign in with her account, start the game, re-up. Gamepass is shared if your console is set to home-console.


Even if it’s not your home console, your Game Pass will share as long as you are signed in on the same console.
@GNASHES2ASHES You don’t need to be player 1. Just launch the game with her profile.

Astonishing that tc hasn’t managed to fix this, that worked perfectly in gears 4, in the almost year that gears 5 has been out.

Fix what?

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Make sure she’s signed in on her account and on the menu hold X it should re up

Make sure she’s signed in on her account and on the menu hold down X then it should re up

Having either player in a splitscreen session being able to re-up, without jumping through the hoops of quitting the game and restarting with the profile that wants to re-up signed in first.

You need to press 5 buttons max to sign out. There’s a lot that needs fixing but re-upping in splitscreen certainly doesn’t

Granted, it only takes a couple of minutes, but I certainly do not agree that it doesn’t need fixing. I am not one inclined to accept things once working fine no longer doing so. It’s not like it’s an edge case either, it’s something that should have been detected and flagged pre- release. Overall I think TC tests releases and updates far too little, or otherwise has problems with testing environment or follow up to problems judging by the faults that slip through.

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Upper right corner should should say “X” to re up on main menu screen just have her sign in and hold X.