How to play this?

Ranked Versus, TDM mostly or KOTH since they are only non-bots populated lobbies in Europe.

So, there’s a HIGH PING SPIKER in the lobby, doesn’t matter whose team. Harshly spiking from 200-800, and that’s a quite often recently since Europe doesn’t connect Mexico only but also India, the whole Middle East, Africa, Russia and whole bunch of crappy WIFI warriors who are “slipping thru” the matchmaking filters, if there are any but lets just assume there are some.

What do you do?

  1. Quit match instantly and get the penalty?
  2. Stay at spawn and cover your own team AFKer who’s seeing what’s going on but won’t quit just due to time suspension?
  3. Play pretending everything is just fine, getting K/D 1-8 in a jiffy?
  4. Block and report ping spiker for cheating by connection manipulation?
  5. Camp whole the match wasting all lancer ammo on sponging targets?
  6. Wait someone to quit first then wait another 5 minutes which never comes?
  7. Switching your router LAN cable off, WIFI on, put some torrent to download and join the fun?
  8. Use your keyboard and curse the ping spiker then everybody else who are calling you noob afterwards?
  9. Push controller harder until it starts cracking then buy a new one?
  10. Insert_your_solution_here

I’m asking this, after >5000 Versus matches, >3000 wins, ~600MVPs, since I started getting suspensions in hours not in minutes for abandoning the faulty lobbies, not even first one to quit. The fact is, no one is playing matches like these so why are we forced to stay in it? And if do, ok TC please advise HOW TO FRIGGING PLAY IT, 'cuz I have no clue anymore and I have never ever been this close to permanent uninstall.

In short, why am I offender if i leave lobbies like these:

Much obliged for the words of wisdom.


All I can say is I would want to quit too…
In past titles where you could leave at least 2 or 3 games before any major penalty, I left games like this often.

The problem with the quit penalties as they’re implemented to benefit the high ping warriors who are actually cheating by gaining an advantage over the low pings. As a result, the low ping player who is being cheated constantly is either forced to stick it out and deal with the cheaters or quit and be penalized. Either way you look at it the player that’s legitimately playing with no advantage is the one being punished and that right there needs to stop. You can report and block every high ping you want but the issue won’t go away. You’ll still be paired with these cheaters which in itself is a load of crap.

The question becomes why haven’t the developers addressed this? When Battlefield 1 came out the higher ping players were killing low pings even after they were clearly behind the wall. The low ping players complained just as they should and the developers tested several things. I believe their final solution that stick was to make shots you fired not count when your ping hit a certain number. With that being said, why hasn’t The Coalition taken the same approach? It doesn’t matter if you have a fan base of subpar connections and want them to feel welcome. If they can’t fix their connections or provide a stable environment whether due to the quality of their WiFi, too many users using the connection at the same time, infrastructure or any other reason then they don’t deserve to play in ranked lobbies. If you live in an area where you can’t find a match then stick to social. I want to be clear when I say that last part that I am sympathetic to those in areas with no players but I also am frustrated beyond belief dealing with high pings in this game. If your high ping only affected you it would be one thing. But not only do high pings sponge they also make the whole match feel muddy where it’s full of teleporting, sponging, rolling when you wanted to slide into cover and other weird things. These issues can be prevented if the developers didn’t program the game so poorly but here we are with this mess. Still, they need to address it and fix it immediately. Others have done it so no excuses.


I just did my placement matches +15 in koth. After these 20 matches I am beginning to see all of the things many complain about (rightfully so!). In just those 20 matches, 5 went smoothly and I remember them. The others all are a blend of various issues. I don’t remember the 5 simply because of performance, in fact my team only won 3 of those and I did so-so and 1 MVP. A few afk, a few with constant dnbo snub exe and many with players floating on 100-130 ping. A few times I felt my kill should not have happened so easily and other time 2-3+ gnasher rounds and then they turn and kill. I chalk at least half those to me probably missing or not hitting most pellets but I know a fair few should have been insta kill. VS is a strange beast in GoW. Kind of glad a stuck to Horde for so long. I’d have busted some remotes.
As far as that video goes… I’ve never seen lag like that. That is unplayable.


Yeah… That’s why I don’t play ranked,
Nope, It’s just because I am from Middle East, And my country offers stupid internet, Well it’s my fault then I guess?
my internet is bad and I have been sponging bullets as people say, Well, Horde is open for me as well as social

Unfortunately it’s just the way it works. You shouldn’t be allowed to join a match and negatively impact the game for others just because your connection isn’t up to standard or you live too far. I realize this likely sounds harsh but Ranked is supposed to be a level playing ground which high pings obviously will not allow. Horde and Social are not ranked playlists so I don’t see any issue with you being allowed to play as it’s not competitive anyways.

Yeah yeah man don’t worry, I just avoid ranked just for the other players :+1:

Sounds sarcastic but whatever. Maybe one day The Coalition will listen and implement true ping matchmaking so low pings aren’t paired with high pings and then everyone can play to some degree evenly. If you’re finding matches and causing issues for others I have nothing to say to you other than thanks for ruining matches. Being unable to have a solid connection is no excuse to lag the game down for others. Personal responsibility.

Ahh, I wasn’t joking :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope they do something In gears 5, Just anything but fix these problems…

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Fair enough. You know the internet is full of inconsiderate sarcastic trolls and the slight language barrier may have played a role in my misunderstanding. :sunglasses:

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Haha, it’s all good :smile:

I mostly stopped ranked because the fun hasn’t been exceeding the frustration. I do fine in terms of my own performance. I just don’t enjoy the laggy feel when I’m the lowest ping person. Or the fact that Gears ranked is pretty much “quit roulette” now. You can be dominating and still have teammates quit.


Thanks for being considerate bud.
And it’s nothing about your fault, if your ping is steady and not fluctuating even in 150 range. Your country might have lightning speed fiber-optical Internet but still having no official Microsoft support and recognition, no Azure cloud server in your region and no nearby Gears data center.

What surprises me the most, my data center info page in options says 15ms to North and West Europe and ~300 to Australia. So where the hell are coming from those 800ms locked players and how do they join ranked lobbies in the first place??


There is actually Fiber Here, But again my country seems to hate my city :confused: But my ping is around 100. And yep, Something is wrong with gears for me, while I play other games the ping is just fine


I got pretty lucky. Most areas by me can either use DSL or Cable so they’re limited to two big providers each with high prices and 1TB data caps. My town pushed for Fiber and for the same price I get Gigabit Fiber with no data caps.

Hopefully you have the option soon enough!

Tried to roll the dice a few moments ago, TDM Europe…

  • 47 seconds search time
  • 2 players ping spiking from 80/90 to 200
  • 1 locked at 300 disconnected after round 1 (actually, anyone thought that too wide network latency window IS causing the quitting, broken matchmaking and suspensions?)
  • 3 bronze, 2 placement holders…

So, how do you play this??
47 seconds for a match like this one where I risk being suspended for 3h or more if I leave due to broken team balancing???
This is S I C K.

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Wow… That is the very definition of unplayable. :laughing:

I’ve been lucky enough not to have experienced lag like that except for this one match right after the QoS matchmaking was introduced. Me and a few friends of mine were thrown onto an Asian server( I think )and everyone on our team had a ping ranging from 400 to 800 ms. Needless to say, we could barely even move. If I tried to wall bounce, my character would start to jump around like crazy and every movement happened with about a 4 second input lag. I had to be extremely careful with strafing and running and avoid jumping over cover because too fast or sudden movements made my character lag uncontrollably. On top of that, shots would come out of my gun with a similar delay.
Meanwhile, every opponent had a ping of about 10-40 ms and they seemed to have no trouble whatsoever. The obvious outcome happened and we got slayed left and right with no hope of winning even a single fight.

It was so ridiculous that I wasn’t even mad. I was laughing most of the time because even though it was a complete garbage of a match, it really looked silly :stuck_out_tongue:

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i quit… why waste time in a broken lobby? ik quitting is frowned upon but its not worth getting frustrated over, the game is frustrating enough.

i have a buddy who will refuse to leave a game because penalty/xp but will sit there screaming bloody murder at the game the entire time. this is just so unhealthy but we all have gotten frustrated at gears before and have had laggy issues. the majority of the times i quit is due to laggy games… it gets so frustrating and at times i even get sick from teleporting millions of times in a second. its hard not to get frustrated but the less i care about the game the easier it is… i used to care alot about k/d and w/l but boy when you just don’t care its much easier lol

what i usually do:

mess around

i have deff uninstalled and gave this game a break several times. never have i done this to a gears game before, a daily player turned into a player who barely cares for gears 4.

the games alright now mainly cuz i play competitive now, just waiting for gears 5.


“this is SICK”

this game is sickening… my one friend cuz nuts over this game and refuses to leave.
i tell him all the time “we sound like sickos” the difference in me is i leave, calm down, and find a actual working lobby after pentalty.

This is the only series I play where ping truly affects matchmaking. I dont know the reason but in the next gears games they should really look into this. I can play halo just fine even if I’m playing against people in US. If this game didnt rely so much on ping these inconsistencies wouldnt probably exist.