How To Make The Ranking System Better

There are a few ideas and way in which I think the Ranking system can be made better for Gears 5.

I think the main issue is, you can grind away and carve a lot of wins, gain up to a certain rank and percentage and then all of sudden, once loss, whether it was down to a single point of kill, it can all be instantly wiped out with some pretty dramatic loss in percentage.

It has happened to myself numerous times. I build up very close to the next rank and then the game matches us with a vastly higher ranked team and all it’s a guaranteed loss however you still get a major percentage loss.

Ways to improve?

-Make it standard for win / loss gain.

Have a system where winning when expected still gives you at least a 1% gain. No % for win should not happen.

Winnning when not expected - nice big gains of 5% and higher.

When you lose;

Decrease in percentage should be equal to possible of gained percentage.

So if you lose when EXPECTED I don’t see why you would end up with more than a 1-3% loss in percentage.

If you lose but we’re MVP or Top 3 out of 10 - you shouldn’t lose anything and if you were MVP out of vastly higher ranked players - you should gain percentage.

If you lose when expected to win then you should lose 1-10% max - remeber it is just one match and you might have an off match or the other team might have been better suited the map or it might have been very cloe.

I think this way, you are shocked or disappointed by losing drastic amounts for losing one match and also know you will gain by winning.

What do you guys think?

I also think if you get MVP and or Smooth Operator that you should get a small boost in % too as this represents top performance in a match - ragardless if you lose or win.

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