How to make gears scary!

So i’ve been thinkin on how to make gears of war a horror game (that and for writing). I would like to hear your thoughts below.

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I too am thinking of something.

Please leave your thoughts below.


Maybe have the swarm more ruthless in the devastation such as have humans hanging from the buildings & really be creative with the morbid scenery. Bring back hell. Bring back the hopeless feel. Also bring back like a krill hybrid.

have Kait kill her mom as a closing point to kaits humanity & have her turn evil as the queen of all queens & make her the most vile & heartless as she kills her former friends with absolute no mercy.

Lead gears into something that doesn’t have a feel good moment but a purpose. Maybe sacrifice a delta member but make it with honer & Have them taking out like 500 swarms, lead by queen Kait. I’d say cole. Have him go out in the most bad ■■■ way ever possible in gears history to be killed by Queen Kait but not without a critical hit that will help in the future battle.

I don’t read the comics so could be contradictory. Could go anywhere with it but for sure bring back the meaningful death.

Jacks death didn’t feel like much since apparently Baird can make Jacks or lizzies either. Actually had to YouTube lizzies death because I thought she lived, for some reason, guess my attention was fully invested.

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I have a great plan also…

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Boss waves with 10 Matriarchs!!!

Other than my disagreement with the whole Kait turning Swarm thing(it ain’t happening unless they forcibly take her), I suspect this is a direction that may be seen now with the Swarm having “Queen Reyna”. Although they might not hang human bodies and instead use them to make Juvies.

Also not sure if they’d off Cole but after the Del/JD thing, anything is a possibility.


Oscar in a bikini.


Fair matchmaking, accurate ranks, smooth mechanics, less lag, and a Gnasher that is neither overpowered nor underpowered

Can’t think of anything more terrifying


Half naked Oscar skins.


Queen Kait.


That would just be stupid.

And belly physics half naked Oscar is definitely still worse than that. Not that I ever noticed but I’ve heard accounts from other players that they are a thing in Gears 4.

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Operation 5: Cleven’s Revenge


Myrrah-faced Anya.

Baird-faced Bernie.

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Matriarch-faced Kait :smirk:

Arcade ranked.


Horde Ranked
Escape Ranked
Campaign Ranked


Love these “How To” and “Idea” threads.

Re-up 100 Achievement.

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Reup 50 will already be bad enough and we know they’re going to be adding it.

I would dread this more :

Master every Horde map in the game.

Not because it would necessarily be difficult but because Master is boring and just artificially “difficult”. Especially having to run it on the Gears 4 launch maps we never should’ve had.

I want to have kids before I die, and not sticking forever playing horde until judgement day.

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