How to make Gears Multiplayer Great Again (Expectations on Gears 6)

Gears 5 disappointed many players with the changes made by TC. Gears 5 is the most differemt Gears if compared with previous Gears (I’m talking about Gears 1 2 3 and 4). So I will point out what needs to be changed for a future Gears 6 multiplayer:

1 - Re-add ranking system again. They removed the ranking system and that sucks. Now you just don’t know the level of the players you are playing against with. And now it’s more difficult to know if you are in fact improving your skills in the game without a ranking system. Also, it’s more exciting to play multiplayer with a ranking system because there is a higher sense of reward when you win a match.

2 - Re-add King of The Hill to competitive matches. This is the favorite multiplayer mode for the majority of players. In my opinion removing King of The Hill from competitive matches was disrespectuful to these players.

3 - Matches with high pings. There are many matches you play with a lot of lag due to a high ping. I don’t remember to have this problem very often while playing Gears 3. I think there was a decrease in servers quality over the time. So TC should improve the dedicated servers for Gears. I mean if you compare to Halo Infinite, the matches on Halo are way more stabel than in Gears 5. The connection on Halo is way better. You don’t disconnect from a match for no reason and there is significantly less lag.

4 - On Gears 5 ganshers are very similar to sawed offs from Gears 3 which is a noob weapon. In Gears 5 when you are on a gnahser duel, just after you already have hit your enemy 3 or more times, he runs towards you and kill you with just one shot. This requires almost no skill and it’s noob friendly. I think this happens because the gib distance is too high making gnashers look like a sawed off.

5 - On Gears 5 when you aim with the gansher you cause less damage than when you are not aiming. This is a complete no sense!!! If you aim with the gnasher the bullet spread is higher which makes this game differente from all previous Gears. I really would like to understand why did they change this. On previous Gears when you aimed with the gansher you caused more damage… not less.

6 - More consistency on shotgun duels. I see a lot of players complaining that some times their shots don’t hit the enemy when they should have hit the enemy and get a kill. Sometimes both players shoot each other on the same time and same distance, with the same amount of health… and guess what?! Just one of them dies!!! I’m not sure why this happens … sometimes it’s due to lag I know … but other times I really don’t know…

7 - They should create a betting system for Gears 6. In this system it would be nice if you could bet some rare weapon skins or character skins that you just bought. So whoever wins the multiplayer match could be rewarded with the new skin. So each player on each side could offer some skin to a bet. Or something similar to this… some variation of this idea…

8 - After TC is over with all the needed changes and has accomplished to make older players to go back and play Gears again they could re-add ranked matches with 5 people on each team. Because of this change many players left Gears because it broke teams formation … I mean this was terrible for people who used to play Gears all the time in groups of 5 … With 4 people in each side these people had to remove one player from this group…

So what do you think? Did I miss anything?


Just your shots😃


Yes, my interest.

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Jeez guys… this is just unnecessary burnage… :stuck_out_tongue:



:joy: I think I’d have more fun with a sawed off in 5 than what we have right now.

I’ve seen a million fix gears 5 posts, doubt TC is actually gonna take any of our advice. But I’d love to be proven wrong.

Right, I’m off to make another post straight away. This statement must mean you want more.

(“This is a joke” disclaimer.)

Please feel free to make one :joy::sunglasses:

I wasn’t actually going to, to be fair. I just spotted the potential to tease about it.


let’s go 1v1 to see if I miss my shots … noob

Dude… it’s a joke.

And how old are you? Challenging someone to a 1vs1 at an online videogame because you took offence? No need to get your knickers in a twist. :wink:


Ban pre-shredded cheese, make Gears Multiplayer Grate Again! :cheese:


I want to do it myself, dammit.

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Despite all the sarcasm and hate on this thread, I do agree with the 1st point.

I do want Rankings back, more than that I want GP system too. I know people hated that, but I found it funny that right after they got rid of GP and ranks, they introduced a new scoreboard that literally would have solved most of the GP issues if they based the points on literally each category on the scoreboard…

Not just certain points for kills from k/d/a and points from the mode specific section (caps/breaks in KOTH/control, leader kills in Guardian) but damage too, they could do thresholds when it comes to that, idk exact numbers but you get certain amount of points for doing x amount of damage or less, more points for the next threshold, ect. this would be factored to your gp score at the end of the match same way they did FFA.

That damage bit would help people’s biggest gripe of GP of someone putting in 2 snub shots then getting the GP for an Elimination, but would also solve the problem of kill stealing, cause of course people still would since you get points for straight kills, however if you put in most the damage on that kill, that’s going to be reflected and given to you in the damage threshold.

Just something I’ve thought about, but not a route I see them going lol

Can’t agree with you more here, lost most of my peeps that used to play KOTH, lost majority of them when they made it 4v4, and taking it out of ranked was the lowest, enjoy great games in Quickplay playing KOTH, it’s always voted as game type in quickplays once it’s listed. LONG LIVE KOTH 5V5

the hate and sarcasm is stupid … most things I pointed out are really needed to change…

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It’s your opinion not facts. At the end, not everyone agrees with your viewpoints, which doesn’t mean they’re wrong either.

If you don’t enjoy the game, don’t play it.

All these words fit perfectly in the gears universe.

I do agree with some of the things u said, ranks and 5v5 must return for 6.


another major problem in this gears is the gnasher

Point 3 compliments point 6.

Something must be done about how Gears compensates for lag.

My personal opinion. Gears 4 went through thousands of little tunings trying to perfect weapon damage, stopping power, movement etc.

Then we got Gears 5. Nothing was the same. Not even close. Thousand tuning changes again.

I have no reason to believe Gears 6 will be anything other than a dumpster fire at the start.



Deal with it. Lag is lag. You can’t control other people’s wifi or general connection.

Larger studio, more resources. Like significantly more resources. Along with it being a way larger franchise than gears.

This is prolly the dumbest one, slight offense. What this ACTUALLY means is that you are not dealing enough damage to even down a person. So yes, that is why they run at you and gib you. Because you don’t hold your shots.

Damage values are the same, it’s just that y’know, distance is a thing. You are either hard aiming someone who’s 5 feet in front of you or you are just simply not aiming/engaging targets correctly. Yes the pellet spread is tighter when you’re hip firing, but tell that makes a huge difference when you’re right in front of somebody. Pellets are gonna hit them anyway if they’re right in front of you, unless you…miss

Now I truly do not understand why the duels play out like this sometimes. I really don’t, but it is prolly due to the difference between what you see and what the server sees

Nvm this is the most preposterous part of this post. This, my colleague, is called gambling. It doesn’t have to be money you’re gambling to be considered gambling lol. I think a nice little rank and reward are good enough.

I honestly prefer 4 players. Honestly don’t have enough friends that play gears in general to make a 5 stack most of the time. Hell I don’t even play gears 5 rn.