How to make Gears 5 fun to play

Allow duplicate characters in horde so we can play the way we want to play the game and not the way you want us to play it.

Allow all characters. to buy any fortifications. Its hard to play a solo game if you cant even buy a weapons locker.

Lose the flash bangs. Im sure if i was epiletic i would be in the Hospital buy now. (But seriously. There really annoying.)

I was looking forward to a Cog characterr for holloween this year but sence im on a low income i guess i will do without this year.

What makes you more money selling 1,000 characters at 8 dollars or 10,000 at 1 dollar. (so please. Lower the pice or make these type characters earnable.)

Fix all the glitches and theres a lot. And buy the way did i mention a lot.

Heres to looking forward to a better tomorrow and thanks to everyone at TC for all the hard work youput into gears 5.

Big Gearhead

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