How To Make eSports Collection Packs Better & More Consumer Friendly

I’m putting this thread under Gears 5 category because I don’t think TC will change the way the packs deliver content in 4 anymore nor make them for consumer friendly.

It’s no secret that TC use underhand tactics to make people buy more packs or simply reduce their value.

They don’t even always state that the packs come with filler - calling them “eSports Packs” is only partially correct as from experience you can get anywhere from 1-4 cards that are just filler.

Now let’s take for example the very newest pack that dropped today.

The eSports Greatest Hits Pack.

I bought 5 of those packs.

I got;

3x Savage Kantus
2x Cole
1x UIR

This pack was great for me when it comes to characters - I didn’t have the SK or SC.

Got them in pack 1 and 2 purchased so should have stopped there but me being me I bought a few more - until the filler made me stop.

So I bought 5 in the end however if TC set up the packs like this:

5-Card Pack

1x Character
1x Emissive Skin
1x Sundered Skin
1x Console Skin
1x Graffiti Skin

1x Bonus Card = Emblem (from those 4)

If they were like that - I would have probably bought anywhere up to 25-30 packs.

So TC lost out because 1 pack I bought had 3 filler cards - by that I mean random weapon skins & bounties. All the others had 1 or 2.

This practice of having strangely put together Packs is really off putting.

My suggestion at least allows you a shot at landing the skins you want.

Come on TC - it’s not that hard to allow some decent value for packs.


Better still - why not have a complete set purchase option.

This will always be the best way to offer content.

$20-$25 for everything - these are just collections from skins already released that people have spent lots of money on RNG.

For a collection pack - ok, I can accept slightly higher prices, from $25 - $50.

This is still A LOT OF MONEY - but, at least you make people happier by not making them regret their purchase of turn agaisnt the game and it’s RNG Pack system that even when you are paying real money, you still end up with filler.


My suggestion for gear packs in 5:

Remove ALL horde booster packs and make horde a progression game mode where bonuses, perks and skills are earned/leveled up through playing, not random chance.

Allow for cheap RNG packs, but allow ALL characters and skins to be bought individually. The more premium the skin the higher the cost.

All RNG packs provide the purchaser with odds of each kind of reward (ie: 1-10 for a legendary, 1-8 for an epic, 1-4 for a rare, 1-2 for a common) so people know exactly what kind of game they are playing.

Do this and the game will be much more consumer friendly and TC can still make plenty for esports.


Yeah, I agree with what you are saying.

Horde should be through progression and challenges.

Packs should be like this:

System 1 - Buy Entire Character and Weapon Skins Pack for one set price - like Run The Jewls Pack.

System 2 - Offer an individual store for the cards plus have premium scrap to craft as well

System 3 - offer RNG packs however much lower price, maybe $1.99 to $4.99 to try your luck at getting what you want

These three systems should run concurrently.

I know TC would make so much more money by doing this.

You wouldn’t get the usual rush of threads of people not happy with being let down and also having so much filler.


How many more of these “suggestive” Esports pack threads do we need. They get it, we get it. Enough.

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As many positive threads that keep putting across the same point to TC right up to the release of Gears 5 hopefully - so that if they don’t change the system and they pull the same “we value and listen to fan feedback” line - it’s obvious to every person who visits the forums that it’s not the case and TC will never change.

I have high hopes for Gears 5 to be a complete and working title that’s consumer friendly.

So the more threads, the better.

Because it’s funny how TC never acknowledges these types of threads and I’ve even seen them magically “disappearing”.

Prove me wrong @TC_Octus - take this feedback on board for Gears 5 and let’s have more consumer friendly pack solutions for all fans.


The system should just be… buy with credits face the RNG, buy with money no RNG involved. Doesnt take much science. They are just greed thats all


He must not be seeing them because its not changing at all.Or he is and just don’t care enough…It’s the people who play and support this game that has kept it going this long…All we are asking is make a change .Cause they gonna get there stuff 1st dibs with no complaints.Hear our voices and make a change

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Hi mate. I think the major flaw in this and by the way I agree with anything that makes the rng in 5 better for us…anyway as I say the major flaw in you being the author of this thread is that I think I’m right in saying, you have spent more than anyone on the packs, upwards of £1000’s ? so why would they change.
If I have you mixed up with another formite, sorry and as you were :wink:

I wouldn’t mind if it’s credits as you get them for simply playing.

Real money purchases shouldn’t have any BS.

I have spent a few thousand, probably around £2-£3,000, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not frustrating not to get something or miss one card or something similar.

I don’t mind paying money but should get complete sets regardless and I’ve reined in my spending because of it.

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All fair points…so this £2000-£3000 spend, come on don’t be coy, there is a big difference those amounts :+1::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d be looking up hundreds of transactions and so there’s no way of knowing for sure but I know it’s around those figures …

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Ya, I bought 0 packs but maybe if they were a better value I would have bought 90, who knows.

That said, the five card packs have always given 3 set cards, 1 filler/emblem, 1 filler. If you got something different then that I’d say your pack was broken.

You want the RNG lootboxes to be more consumer friendly but you keep buying them?

If you buy them anyhow, where’s the incentive for the company to change them?

Lootboxes are in games because they are extremely profitable, despite the common misconception that many people hate them.

Because I would have spent more money via the systems described in the previous posts.

I’m buying less and less now.

I’ve never bought non-eSports packs either.

The system you describe increases the chances of you getting the item you actually want, or an item that’s ‘worth it’. It’s in direct counter to the intentions of the current system.

Again, they’ve no incentive to change it - you could argue that you would have continued to spend money, however I could argue that with an increased chance to get the core items you would have gotten them all long before you needed to continue spending.

RNG lootboxes are designed to get you to spend and as you and many others have repeatedly demonstrated, it does a great job.

There’s no incentive for the system to change.

I know what RNG does and how it makes people buy out of sheer frustration and that good old “just one more pack and I might get it” mentality.

I’m saying that TC should shun this practice and offer COMPLETE SETS for one price.

RNG for credits it fine.

Obviously RNG will be making TC money but then fans do resent the game and do turn away from it and it leaves a sour taste for many players.

It’s frustrating that you can chuck all the money you want at the packs but trying to get one specific skin can seem almost impossible.


I agree they need to improve this system. I just spen $140 on 14 packs hoping I would pull Black Steel Savage Kantus but that didn’t happen. Instead I got every other character Twice some 3 or 4 times, great for me. I don’t mind spending $50 since it’s a 1/5 chance of pulling each one but at least give us all available characters at least once with a chance of no doubles. I agree when people say that on packs that require credits anything goes but on $9.99 packs no tricks should be played. I think they’re listening to us because at least one character is guaranteed now. But hopefully this improves.


Dont like the way they are, dont buy them. simple

What I’ve bolded means you’re part of the problem. If people keep throwing money at the gambling microtransactions, what incentive do they have to change? Wish I knew what exactly caused Turn 10 to remove loot boxes from the Forza series so it could be replicated with Gears. Maybe it was the player base showing restraint.