How to increase rank?

How to increase the range? I have won 7 games in a row and the range does not increase but if I lose one I get down between 5% to 6% and it does not go over 50% onyce 2

Perform better. Get more kills and lancer for teammates. Lancering will give you a higher score. You need to consistently perform well. And play with helpful teammates that help you play better as well (them lancering for you, spotting, taking 2v1s with you, etc.).

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In addition to @API’s comment, if you want to know about how the ranking system works then its best to read this article.

Also for future reference any sort of discussion/concerns/questions/suggestion about the ranking system should be done in the main thread here. This will alllow TC to see feedback on the ranking system all in one place.

Always play in a five stack…always

As far as I know, you’d have to beat players with higher or equal rank to yourself.