How to improve kill to death ratio

I am terrible. My k/d ratio stays at about .86. I seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time rather consistently. I mostly play KOTH and I’m great at ring points and every once in a while I’ll do great and get like 10 kills in a row so I don’t know what my deal is. Any advice to improve would be appreciated.

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Switch weapons more.
Don’t got for the 1 shot kill every time.
Use cover more.


How long have you been playing?

The reason I ask is because it depends on how many games you have played and how many total kills/deaths you have.

If you’re relatively new then it won’t take long to flip the KD if you consistently improve.

I’m stuck at 1.35 because this is the account I learned the game on which means I died, a lot. Like a whole helluva lot. If I wanted to boost it to 1.5 or higher, I would have to get a few thousand kills and not incur any deaths.

I’ve started new accounts before to tinker with stats and find myself probably closer to the 2 range of KD… not gonna happen on my primary though.

So what I think you should focus on is probably not the number of your KD but rather the games you are playing, the situations you are finding yourself in. Remembering past scenarios and being able to predict what is going to happen next. Not with 100% accuracy… but with maybe 60%… then 70% … then 80%…

Sometimes you’ll know exactly what to do but it just doesn’t work because you messed something up but the point is that you realize what you messed up and just shake it off and try it the next time.

You don’t have to be a wallbouncing maniac or any of that garbage. What you do need to do is practice situational awareness, learn to start predicting things a little bit. Be patient. LISTEN. Like, literally. Don’t have music going or have the game on mute. Put on a pair of headphones and listen to the game. Listen to the footsteps. Identify the characters just by their sloppy foot flops or banging metal shoes. Listen for reloads. Listen for failed reloads. I get alerted to more kills in the game by sound than anything else.

Learn when to lancer. Learn when to gnasher. Learn when to snub. I don’t say that as if you should just magically figure it out - it will take time and lots of trial and error.

These should be your starting points.

Don’t focus on that KD number.

  • hide around corners waiting for people
  • rotate early and camp the next hill with a rifle. this requires you to know where the next hill is even before the “next” indicator
  • lancer more in general
  • pre active with the lancer and don’t use actives when you’re not shooting anyone
  • run away when the fight isn’t in your favour
  • don’t fight for the hill by yourself when your teammates die. wait for them to spawn and take it back with teammates
  • hit a shot

My go to strategy is to get kills, but NOT deaths. Remember that last part, its really important.


Just downgrade your connection and you are good to go. Even if you aren’t a good shot, a horrible connection helps a lot :wink:

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Thank you very much for the advice! I have been playing for a little less then a year I believe is when I got my xbox one and I pretty much exclusively play gears. This is my original account so a lot of the deaths can be attributed to learning how to play but there are still plenty of games I have more deaths then kills.

I can feel the life force draining from my body just reading that.

Care not for k/d and just enjoy.

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Thanks API . I’m really bad at charging the hill alone or trying to hold it alone so those two things alone could help me out a lot. How do you know where the next hill will be before the next indicator?

Each map has a pattern so just actively pay attention when you’re playing and keep track of where hills go. Then next time, you’ll remember from the past and be able to predict where it will be. Some maps like Foundation are 100% guaranteed to have the same rotation. Some maps have “likely” rotations, but vary with a bit of randomness. Just make your best guess.

Thanks a lot! I will definitely watch for that.