How to improve horde mode on Gears 5?

How to improve gears 5 horde mode?

  • english is not my first language(just saying)
  • separate difficulty mods, make a system like gow3 with good and bad mods, make it possible to play the master without mods (classic mode)

  • nerf horde mods, a reimagined in the mods is clearly necessary (again!) I do not say for nerf but a fix and to keep the same difficulty, for example: enemies health regeneration mod is a totally unbalanced mod, depending on the map you will have a lot of difficulty , heroes that use lancer or retro in a long distance will suffer, and we dont too much ammo ok ? so I think that a good review would not hurt.

  • nerf health of enemies, this would help conserve ammunition and help reduce dependence on lockers (my opinion = lockers system spoiled the game). You can increase the number of enemies over time or change the types of enemies depending on the difficulty, this would not affect the overall difficulty of the game, easy!

  • nerf enemies damage = ok ok! you already did it but even with it, its not good enough, if you are a lv18 player playing on master you know, the gameplay is = friend down, friend revived,friend down, friend revived, friend down, friend revived and go to a endless run, even with cole or marcus(60% less DMG on cover) they die easily, this not balanced, think about it, i think will be not hard to fix this, just make the game more tactical. :smiley:

  • nerf melee hitkill = should be created, a melee on the master, with damage with 99% of health in standard life and not 100%, this would help a lot on occasions, it wouldn’t change the gameplay much as you would still die with shoots by other enemies , but in 1v1 combat it would be nice, since most enemies tank your combo attacks and give you a hitkill. Let’s do something more tactical and less OverPower. (would help characters with melee or shotgun combat).

  • take out the perk system = In my opinion, the perk system with almost 1 year of game release has proven to be totally useless, even with the OP4 update that has improved a lot. The idea is good but with “host dictatorships” that prevent you from buying it is difficult (since the matchmaking is broken); you should take all the perks and turn them into cards, that would be nice and would go perfectly with the next item.

  • create universal cards and increase the number of cards =

  • Universal cards would be very useful for all characters like:

  • increased damage to primary weapons (lancer, retro …)
  • increased damage with secondary weapons (pistols)
  • increased damage from explosive weapons
    each character / class would have its own cards (with OP5 update): something similar to GOW4
    Clayton has an exclusive mulcher / trishot ammunition regeneration perk, this could easily become a card (which should be buffed, since at lv10 it is still bad). This card would be exclusive to one class. Simple to understand.
  • better explanation of the cards that received a remake in the OP4 (lahni, mac and keegan), you just can’t understand their true meaning. Sorry :frowning:

  • pistols on lockers, possibility to buy pistols at the fabricator (I just didn’t understand this decision so far) possibility to drop pistols? (maybe) there is character animation without weapons in the game since olds GOW, I don’t believe it would be something difficult to do, there are several characters that are focused on pistols (mac, paduk, keegan, gear. I say this because some characters have cards for pistols, some clearly focused with paduk and mac).
    with the new cards would be perfect!

  • no more Talon pistol please :smiley: = for people who like the gun (no problem) but I personally avoid playing with some characters just because of this pistol, it really bad for me, it would be much easier for a system to let you choose which pistol want to play, both horde and escape mode, the vast majority (90%) would play either with boltok or snub, and some rare well trained with talon.

End = with these few basic improvements your game would be much better, much more tactical and balanced, this would be just the beginning of other improvements.
other things that would be even better for you:

  • abandon weekly store and adopt one equal to 2 or 1 day from fortnite
  • abandon the 3-month season updates its better every week a new content compared with 3 months of wait (hint for the OP6) (just saying ok?)
  • focus on horde game modes, it’s getting better but a classic mode without mods, builds and insane difficulty would be great.
    this is my opinon to make gears 5 better
    and sorry for the bad english.(just saying)
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Horde is kind of easy right now if people aren’t potatoes… played master with 5 friends that aren’t potato and lets just say Marcus and a few other characters are unstoppable. The engineers and Sarah Connor need buffs and I think levels should add small defence/ damage /hp bonuses too. The perks are GREAT try keegan or Marcus with max cards and perks and you’ll see that you’re inexperienced currently with horde ;). I think guardians and sentinels should move less and get a shield nerf that’s the only real nerf needed left.

perks should be great with all chars not just with

i playing gears since 2006, im sure im not inexperienced, just saying this.

i want balanced perks for all chars not just for few ones, and i play with keegan, i know well what he can do, i just said to take out perks and turn in cards, nothing lost, much better, no need to use energy to buy perks and use the same energy to buy build, easy. we need a balanced game, not playing just with the same chars cause them are OP and i want to play with my fav chars, if its not keegan or marcus, i should cry out then ? no sense

i dont play with friends and im sure , more than 70% of people play on random servers on game, playing with friends it’s always more easily, whatever the game you’re playing,

Cool I played gears of war on release day for every single gears of war game and even I can consider myself a bit inexperienced in all the new horde tactics… I’m glad you think gears 1 and 5 are the same game I guess? Also perks are just fine, with a good team you can usually manage to go overboard with power and never need to worry about buying perks and fortifications. Maybe a rebalance of perks for some characters and cards with some characters would be nice but horde is in its best state ever currently in op 4.

Also for pistols boltok > talon> snub for dps.

I actually like the perks because it’s different. We only have 5 slots and we simply can;t equip all the stuff we want. Some people have awesome perks purchased during a horde. Like Claytons heavy ammo regen, shield duration and dmg boost.

These weapons are actually pretty dmging in the hands of certain people with perks. Increasing the base dmg will make those people even stronger.

I agree completely. There is zero incentive to pick up a meat shield and a complete lack of love for pistols. The only people who even remotely use them are Mac and Paduk. Even then they tend to use other weapons for greater benefits. Why can’t we have someone duel wielding pistols?

No. Same as increasing dmg for the lancer. JD, Keegan and even Lizzies dropshot would be OP.

How long do your horde matches last? Most of the time when that regen perk is at lvl 10 I don’t have to put the mulcher back on a locker.



To each his own. I actually like the pistol. Reminds me of the gorgon. If someone got a perk that reduced the recoil it might be pretty nice in the right hands.

As for my suggestions to improve horde.
Bring back the manned turrets. Literally anyone who isn’t a dmg dealer is using a tri shot now. Were doing the same thing as gears 3-4. Just an extra step. Buying the gun and the locker. Might as well give us the turrets back.
Give us back the Locust and Lambent enemies. We need more enemies. I personally miss the bolter. The drone that ran around with the boltok.
Buff melee characters so they stand a chance outside of cover
I want the sawed off shotgun back. As well as some other weapons like the scorcher, one shot, digger ect.
Raise frenzy from 12 waves to 20. I like have a shorter horde mode for when I dont have 2 hours to kill but 12 feels just too short.

I’m sorry if this might offend you but this whole Post just sounds like “make Horde a even bigger Cakewalk then it is now” to me.


Depends on personal opinion to me.

I would prefer to see a Horde mode where there are a large variety of enemies, and more enemies spawning at a time, but reduce the health and damage of the enemies. I know that won’t happen in Gears 5.

But, I would like to see Lambent, Locust, Deebees and the Swarm together. Make things random. Make things interesting. Like, if Peace Keepers come out wave 1 I know what enemies are coming and when they are coming. I know the boss is either a Kestrel or a Flock, and on some maps all you can get is a Flock.

That’s a little off the topic of the OP but that’s what I would like to see in future Horde modes.

For Gears 5, I’d like there to be more modifiers, I’d like there to be more balancing done for Promotional characters, who are weak for the most part. They have their uses, but compared to other classes they are quite weak.

I’d like to see more Horde events and maps, but that will come with time. And I hope to see new classes in the future when they take away characters from their classes. I hope TC dont use it as an excuse just to leave the classes as they are now. Add more, shake up the meta a bit. Keep things interesting.



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my point was taking out perks and turning it in cards, then we dont need to burn energy out to buy perks, cause we already have this “more DMG with lancer, retro…” but not cards but with perks, this is a endgame view, of course if we take an easy difficulty it would become OP but this is natural in any game, the difficulty of that game is not a matter of tactics, it is a matter that you die hitkill in high difficulties, and need to fire 1 mag to kill a simple enemy, which in my opinion does not make sense, these cards may have a standard limit for not reaching certain things, we can also make universal cards, but that in certain classes the increased damage is greater.
example: for Eng the card damage would be reduced compared to the same card in a pure dps class

The issue with TC bringing back Locust in horde is more a matter of philosophy than it is practicality, if you played Gears 4’s Campaign they already had Locust in there… Would’ve been relatively “easy” to put those bad bois into Horde, yet they didn’t… Why? I suspect its because TC is either overvaluing the lore or story (which shouldn’t matter for Horde in the first place) or they are simply not wanting to put extra effort into Horde which imo is a mistake because OMG! would fighting the Locust make me drool :heart_eyes:

Putting the Locust into Gears 5’s Horde is a bit challenging for balance and implementation sakes, but from a development perspective I doubt it would be impossible/impractical, first off there’s all kinds of original skins for enemies such as Cyclops/Bolter/Drone/etc in Multiplayer, so the difficult part is mostly done in that regard, the next added step of difficulty is adding the enemy models/interactions from days gone past, enemies like the Wretches or the Tickers and so forth take more effort because they have unique models and such, but again most of these were done in Gears 4’s Campaign, no way it would take too long of a period of time to port those from Gears 4. The last step of the process is tricky because it depends on what enemies (in particular bosses) TC wants to bring back, if they decide that RAAM/Skorge/Karn all deserve to be bosses then it definitely would take more time for testing/implementation, but again nothing that would be impractical or require a whole game dev cycle to do.

If I had to guess (my opinion is basically worthless as I have no dev experience I might add) it would probably require a whole Operation for them to actually bring back Locust in a cool and interesting way, if they just slapped them into Horde it would be much much easier but I doubt TC is the kind of company to do something like that. Considering TC seems to be almost entirely focusing on improving/enhancing what’s already in the game (instead of adding new stuff) I doubt OP5 is likely, but could it be OP6 or beyond? Definitely. Just depends on if TC wants to do it or not, all I’ll add to this is that TC could actually just sell the OG locust to us as a Horde Command Pack type dlc thing and it would probably make good money, so if y’all at TC don’t think it makes sense economically I disagree :slightly_smiling_face:
It needs to cost Iron though foreals :ok_hand: that way people can work towards it in ToD over a long period of time, Gears Coins makes sense too but don’t cheat yourselves, if you want to charge decent change (say $5) for going through the trouble of bring back Locust/Lambent/Savage enemies from Gears 3 getting paid for it makes sense to me :money_mouth_face:

Bringing back Lambant/Savage enemies from Gears 3 is a much much more difficult feat in my humble opinion, I don’t think any of it as far as modeling goes has been touched since then, so they would have to go through the motions of remodeling/retexturing all that stuff, doubt they would do it but I would be a fan :slightly_smiling_face:
Again, they can just charge for this stuff, whether it be Gears Coins related or not, so they do have an economic incentive to do it, but regardless it would definitely take more than 1 operation to do it, probably too ambitious of a task in my opinion.

I know I’ve been ranting and all for a bit but please TC :pleading_face:
When I was playing Gears 3 yesterday my heartstrings were being pulled far more than I thought they would, I forgot just how awesome/unique all the enemies Gears 1-3 had, I’m not saying that TC just screwed up and that the Swarm/Deebees are awful enemies, just that all the enemies from the original trilogy were badass as well, and I want to whip them again :smiling_imp:

Tickers, Wretches, Reavers, Corpers, Berserkers, all the other more “regular” enemies like Grenadiers and Boomers, heck the OG boss himself RAAM :broken_heart:


Agreed while I do agree the damage and health perk should be a higher tier (inconceivable instead of advanced)…horde mode is pretty simple regardless …this is a case of im struggling make it easier …personally its fine as is

I feel the first 4 modifiers in horde should be the last. Going out of beginner means death equals restart was a dumb idea.

I dunno I get what ur saying but compared to execution rules half regen speed and power drain …its really not that bad …cause technically its just no restarts but still beginner

Id rather have execution rules, half regen, power drain and enemy regen instead of double health+dmg. If I’m lvling a character and they just aren’t quite high enough for masters I do insane or incon. Those lobbies tend to have everything but dmg and health off.

No i agree with u that damage and health should be higher tier …i was just saying that no restarts isn’t big deal …while horde isn’t hard playing with randoms can be a pain in the ■■■ with those two modifiers i think they should be moved to inconceivable to atleast give u time to level up