How to get the Team Metal skins?

Title says it all. Can’t find it in the store.

Don’t think you can if I remember correctly they were a reward during the first tour of duty. They might pop up in the store at some point but other than that your s.o.l.

I bought mine in the store. If they’re no longer there then I guess TC is still addicted to FOMO tactics

TC just can’t decide. First they said that they won’t come back. Then they are in the store. Now they are gone again. :roll_eyes:
Glad I got mine in Op 1.

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They were an Op 1 Tour Reward, pretty far along into the Tour. Then they brought it back in the permanent store. If it’s not there anymore maybe they realized it was a mistake.

Desert Kait is still there, and was much further into the tour. :thinking:

Its not a mistake. There are some items that will only circulate through the store as “features” which is my guess that they will be rotating items week to week. The team metal skins were available i think last week so we’ll have to wait until they go into rotation again. OP just happened to miss them. Next time, friend.

They were featured, then spent a week in the weapon skins section.

Are they still there? Can’t really look at the moment but if they are I have a feeling thats a mistake.

It seems fair to me(even if the first Tour was something of a pain to get through initially) consdiering it’s a Campaign skin for Kait.

Though they could really just have given a goggle-less variant(which is a model already existing in the Campaign) to players instead. Or both.

No. One week in featured, one week in weapons, now gone.

In the new store system it will appeared in the ‘featured’ section, but at random refreshes. After the tod it dropped in this is the only way to get it-- wait and cross your fingers!

They were in the weapons skins section after.

Then I feel that was a mistake because I can’t recall any other featured item to do that. I also don’t check the store that often to make that call so who knows. Im just gonna chock it up to a goof though until then.

Classic Marcus

I thought that was considered “new”

It was in featured for week 1, and otherwise it would be in the op 4 section.
I think the reality is that the new store is still a work in progress.

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Yeah for sure. Its a good model on the surface but still needs some work done.

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Im pretty sure they are in the store. Thts where i got mine.
I missed out on them in tour of duty 1.
It will be in THE SKIN SET SECTION if i remember correctly.