How to get the Ice Set?

Alright I have seen videos of people using the Ice weapon skin sets on Gears 5 and I know about the drives 2TB and 5TB but thats only the starter weapons with the 5TB and lancer with the 2TB but I wonder how people get the full set.
Is it even out or is there something you have to do to get it very confused but interested in getting the set heavily.
I see some people say it comes with the exclusive console and the game code included with the console can someone confirm?

Full ice block weapon set is dlc included with the Gears 5 custom xbox one console.


Thanks for the reply
and I tried the search before making it and only saw stuff on the drives so my bad maybe I missed something xd

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No worries… sometimes search has to be very specific
Wasn’t tryna be jag :grin:

They’re going to sell a lot of the ice skins in the Gears 5 store eventually.

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This is true as well

Ebay selling a set for $200 in Australia if your interested. lol