How to get 15,000 eliminations fast?

Ok trying to unlock winter kait and I don’t have a lot of time to play versus everyday until the operation is over. I’m currently at 10,800 eliminations. What’s the fastest way to get to 15,000? Thanks

Escape is more efficient than versus. I’d probably try The Hive with lots of juvies, but that’s a lot of juvies to grind. Maybe use it to supplement whatever else you usually play.

Horde beginner difficulty. Time to punch the clock get that work in son.


I did most of mine on versus but I used escape to finish them off. If you want to really spam it quickly go to the checkpoint in the hive and just keep shocking the wretches and restarting the checkpoint. Then when you are done just evacuate and it should count all the kills

At OP Just play the game and it will make you a god -damned Sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me. :wink:

Or play lots private Horde on easy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Eliminations also includes assists so any assist will count toward this figure. If playing Versus make sure you assist team mates with rifle fire. Versus AI games are easy and fairly quick, especially KOTH.

I found that if you pkay Horde (if you have time) then Del tends to get lots, especially late on when your base is built up. Sentries and Barriers will damage the enemy and all of these will add up as assists, if not outright kills.

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Horde beginner - join with other players and mark enemies as much as possible as this will count towards your elimination.

Horde beginner, fahz automatically Headshots enemies. Same with Marcus using the retro lancer.
Kait have really high health you can do 50 with no trouble.
Run solo on private to get all the kills yourself. Think it’s 100 or more enemies per 10 wave.

The escape Mines is also about 100 enemies if you kill most of them… Run Mac on beginner.

Try horde start on a higher wave 21/31/41 higher waves better,you star with alot of power to use,chose a engineer find a good deadend local set up a few barriers and 3/4/5 gun sentries and just keep them repaired and pickup drop power during lull in the action,now don’t use all the power save at least 1/3 to 1/4 for sentry repair.Don’t depend on your sentries to do all the work,you have watch yourself enemis get harder to deal with at these levels.

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Horde as the engineer on exhibit. Set up top on one side n set the sentry to shoot down the steps n down the hallway

Okay I got you.

Del beginner on asylum:

Build 4 level 1 barrier place 2 each long ways on the paths to under the bridge.

Take the fab in the room under the bridge.

place 2 level one sentry’s on one side and one on the other
del will support the single side sentry and use his enforcer to help

save the rest of money for repair it runs out around wave 46-47. load in at wave 41 and take off back fill with bots.

do not leave the room until the mini boss hit and run

rinse and repeat you should avg around 500 Plus. it all depends on how the repair money holds up.

I did this also on exhibit using the lasers to help me . i place 2 barriers long ways between the laser pillar fab at the end and one lvl 2 sentry. then 3 sentry facing the spawn. one at the top of the stairs , one crossing down the hall to the stairs and one just back from the stairs all lvl 1.

The enemy slows and gets caught in the laser save me ammo on that one sentry.


Nice thanks