How to Fix Tour of Duty

Most will agree that Tour of Duty is very unbalanced in terms of how stars are earned.

Many challenges take days worth of gameplay to unlock. Daily challenges are too few and unreliable to get stars.

Stars towards the tour ranks should be awarded each time you level up. Re-Ups should award even more stars (possibly an entire rank).

I feel that this would not only make the tour of duty more balanced, but it would make the player levels more rewarding.

As of now… there is virtually no reward or point in leveling or re-uping. I was very disappointed to see the lack of anything really upon getting my first re-up.


All you need to do it buy iron and you win :roll_eyes: duh

I have 33 medals it’s been 5 days it doesn’t take that long it just feels long if you’re consciously thinking about it. I’m at Major General III Will probably have ToD done after I wake up tonight or after work tomorrow

Is your job this game? What you’ve accomplished in five days takes a lot of time bro.

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33 medals is a lot of time sunk in bro. I’m lv 73 and have 9 medals and I’ve played a lot. For the average Joe that works and has a family it’s grindy. Luckily it’s not 2 weeks it’s actual 3m to complete which shouldn’t be an issue for most.


Yup. The average gamer with family can’t put in that much time every day.

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So essentially as of right now there’s no reason to re-up?