How to destroy golden, silver or bronze duplicated weapon skins?

I’ve got many gold, silver and bronze duplicated weapon skins… but can’t sell them; Does anyone know how to!?

You can’t… yet. Or maybe never.

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Some skins will not let you scrap them… Like the JD community pack and the community lancer pack. Plus any duplicates you have of “locked” skins.

It is quite annoying and only TC can change this. :frowning:


Like those lucky skins…

Why prevent 'em from scrapping?


I’m ok with those skins locked to sell, but the duplicated ones should be available to sell

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Since they can’t be crafted if by chance the last one was scraped you could not get it back

They don’t want you to have free scrap I guess?

It’s the only logical reason they would make them un-scrappable

That’s a simple fix though…

Lock the first one and make the user have to unlock it with a double confirmation prompt before allowing it to be scrapped.

Then you can easily make the duplicates scrappable

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They always said they would fix this but nowadays it’s not high on the list. Probably won’t happen. Remember them saying once it’s not as easy as flipping a switch.

It should be easy as turning on/off a switch hahahaha. But I’m not a programmer

I am sure that there might be another solution. But that is the reason that was given as to why we cannot get rid of them at this time. I know I have a bunch I would like to get rid of myself

We can’t sell 'em.
They’re locked and non-scrappable for time being, or never could be scrapped.

I have a lot of duplicate ones too

wish we could crap them for sure.

All skins and characters should be scrappable.

Yeah my inventory of skins is starting to get a little cluttered as well. I don’t get why we can’t scrap those. And while I’m thinking about it, I wish we could lock certain cards ourselves to safeguard against accidental scrapage. I still have a few of the rare bounties that came on physical cards but only have one each and I’m pretty careful when scrapping or even equipping bounties. I have at least one of every available bounty and would be super-pissed if I lost one lol.

I thought the Card Companion was supposed to allow us to scrap the duplicates of certain locked skins, like the season ranked awards. But, I guess I was mistaken. Although, I check every once in a while to see if it’s changed.

Now, I end up with a bunch of new duplicate bronze/silver/gold/etc. skins with each season. At least let us scrap these for other skins we can actually use.

Crapping weapons is not good for your health. Please don’t.

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