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How to curbstomp

How do you curbstomp in gears 5 i can see Ai bots do it?

You can’t. All the executions are mapped to a single button making it impossible to curb stomp.

ahh really… dammit just like Gears of war judgment, curbstomp is like the classic gears of war execution


I was super disappointed. It’s my favourite execution.


It’s also super buggy. I kick people more than I’m able to execute them.


Yeah sometimes I’ll be holding the button to do an execution and they die randomly lmao


I just made a long post about this. The curb stomp became part of our gears arsenal & always had a dedicated button press to do it when an enemy is DBNO.

After gears judgment screwed up and forgot to add it as a feature (then never went back to update the game to add it on after the retail release), you’d think that would never happen again… especially since TC took over for gears 4 and had it working as intended in that game, but to our surprise, it was forgotten again!

The devs were notified during the beta that bots were curb stomping us and we couldn’t do it in return, and they basically said the team would work on it for the retail release. Looks like they felt it wasn’t an important staple of gears like the community felt.

The fact that bots are coded to use it and it still was left out just baffles me.


I’m assuming curb stomping will be added as a card seeing you can choose executions


F*cking tell me about it.