How to compete with pc players

Good deal for uk players

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Turn game off go outside and enjoy your day


Eh, its raining at the moment, probably not.


Never heard of it.


It’s impossible to compete. PC Advantage is like if one side had a dozen tanks at the Battle of Gettysburg.


when trading in an Xbox One X

Imagine trading in your OneX when the SeS has inferior hardware.

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Come to the realization better players exist.


Buy your way to the top

Snubbs with a clicker site on his history? welcome to the club homie.

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Buying one for my birthday lol. Everything is pointing towards PCs being allowed in eSports for gow, might as well buy in now.

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But people are just better…pffft…

Ah yes, very much better. They get like 50-60 extra frames of you sliding into the walllllllllllllll.

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It’s a lazy dishonest argument.


I think the worst part about all this is you two are such great players and you choose to let this insignificant matter perceive you of any logical thinking on the subject. You guys are already great players, the likeliness of you getting stomped is quite low.

If I were to go against Dragon in any form he’d wreck me because he is a better player.
anywho I’m not going to do this for the 100th time, this is my only reply regarding the pc situation for this thread.


In a completely unrelated note, are you on AMD or Nvidia?

scratch all that I have both lmao
I was thinking about Intel vs nvidia

AMD processor and nvida card to make it more clear.

Yeah I recently learned there was an intel vs nvidia war, trying to figure out which team to join. Let’s say I buy this

and I’m alright playing in fairly poor settings, would I get 165-185ish frames?

Well I point my gun in the right direction and hope it fires.